Will Nikon kill the 1 series?

Will Nikon kill the 1 series?

It would appear that Nikon are giving as much love to the V series as they are to DX wide angle primes – not a lot.

You really have to wonder if they will let the 1 series wither into obscurity with the release of the DL series compacts.

Now you could argue that the DL compacts are not a replacement and are completely different beasts. You could also argue that Nikon might prefer you bought different cameras, instead of a body and some lenses. Is there actually potential for anyone to buy two cameras – DL18-50 or DL 24-85 (with an overlapping range) and carry them around? Subsitute the DL 24-500 if you want something longer than 85. How many people use a 18-200mm (or thereabouts) zoom as an ‘walkabout’ or ‘everyday’ lens. One body, one lens.

The problem is, where does it leave us CX owners? Do we have enough faith that Nikon will continue to support  their CX system or have they released everything their going too and once inventory has been sold we will be left to the pre-owned market to keep us going?

It is a bit of a shame really. I love my Nikon V1, I have several lenses for it and was seriously considering getting at least one other body. For most of us, most of the time, the V1 is all the camera we need. Provided you can get past that 1″ 10MP sensor. Personally I can and have. I can put my 1 system in the pockets of a decent jacket. The same equipment even in DX would require a medium messenger bag or rucksack. My next sentence was going to be ‘ The CX system won’t give you giant sized prints’.

Then I remembered the iPhone photos on the side of the skyscrapers in America. Horses for courses and all that. I do accept and have said before that CX does have it’s limitations, but every system does and we have to choose the best tools for the job. What about my other CX body? That would of been a V2, not the V3 because for the life of me I can’t understand why they went with an external viewfinder. I was hoping they might revert back to a internal viewfinder with their next model.

Now I (and would think other 1 series owners) are in somewhat of a limbo. Do we carry on spending on the 1 series or do we cut our losses and help a self fulfilling prophecy come true?

Nikon seem to be doing their best to dissuade people from buying into the 1 series. They started with gross over pricing, I wasn’t going to pay full price for mine. They finished by changing the body style until they thought something would stick. In between they actually released some arguably reasonable CX lenses, the 32mm f1.2 got good reviews. The CX 70-300  on a V2 makes a great wildlife setup, albeit at prices that only hardened fans would splash the cash on. The 18.5mm lens wasn’t too shabby either.

I’m probably one of the few mugs people who actually bought the FT1 adapter. It enables the use of F mount Nikon lenses on the 1 system. This lets me use my other lenses (primarily my zoom) on my V1. The alternative is buying a big, heavy, divorce inducing, expensive telephoto lens. I got some quite acceptable results with a FX 70-300 f4.5-5.6G AF-S VR  zoom on the V1:

I’ve had some great fun using a DX zoom with my V1, again with some limitations. The FT1 adapter only allows a single central focus point something you have to work around. And that sums up the whole Nikon 1 series quite nicely. It has things you have to work around.

Now all systems are a compromise. You need to weigh up price, IQ, weight, size, performance. With a host of other factors that are specific to your requirements and results that you want.

The potential compromise for 1 owners now, is, on top of everything else, will Nikon continue with the decent releases for the 1 system, will they kill it, will they let it die through neglect or will they do a D500 resurrection saga on it?

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