What’s happened to Nikon mirrorless?

What’s happened to Nikon mirrorless? Officially the Nikon 1 system is still going.

Nikon fans are eagerly awaiting a new DX or FX mirrorless with no real idea of when it’s coming or what style or price it will be. The potential for disappointment here is staggering. Unless you have the memory of a goldfish you will wonder what Nikon will do when they release it anyway. Will it be a repeat of the 1 series or will it be what people want – decent bodies with competent lens set to start with and the promise of a “system” worthy of the Nikon name?

As a Nikon 1 user I am a bit peeved Nikon appear to have abandoned the system. I love my V1 and would have spent money on an improved version with a built in viewfinder. By the time Nikon released the V3 I had stopped my 1 series expenditure. I would have considered the 70-300, but I’m now glad I didn’t.

Nikon 1 V1

I love my Nikon V1, I’m not going to replace it though.

My Nikon 1 10-30mm lens developed a fault. Did I replace it? No. Will I replace any of my other 1 series lenses? No. Not even used. When my V1 stops working I’ll be calling time on it.

I wanted it to be my carry round kit that gave me more versatility than a smartphone. While still usable for now, I think my carry round replacement will be a….smartphone.

I’ll  get a new phone in a couple of years with (hopefully) improved features, rather than a stagnant, unloved ILC system…

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