What are Nikon up to?

What are Nikon up to?

Over the years I’ve spent most of my photographic budget on Nikon products. I even bought into the Nikon 1 system thinking it might have taken a different path to the one it travelled.

There was very little consistency in the evolution of the V series body design. It appears to be a ‘let’s try this’ approach. Nikon didn’t seem to have the ability to plan and design a proper system or produce a sensible road map. The first thing any business course will tell you is … produce a business plan. Whatever Nikon was thinking with the 1 system seems to change with every meeting. Three very different body designs and still not sure if the viewfinder should be built in or separate. If there is another iteration you have to wonder what body style will be adopted next.

Don’t get me wrong I actually like using my V1. I am reluctant to spend more money on a system that could be discontinued. I might have considered the CX 70-300mm lens. But it is a bit on the steep side price wise. Same with the 32mm. If they stop making the bodies you will have to rely on the used market.   It is almost a Jekyll and Hyde system. On the one hand cheap consumer lenses on the other some quite expensive glass. They loaded the rifle then couldn’t decide exactly where they should be aiming.

Wide angle: that is the question.

Does the DX line need a wide angle prime? Or are have Nikon got it right and perhaps feel the market isn’t there. If they did release a wide angle it would have to competitively priced. With the wide angle zooms available it could be a tough call. Again it appears to be a lack of a plan. The original roadmap for DX lenses should have included a wide angle prime surely? Or should we be asking why Nikon are so reluctant to publish a roadmap in the first place?

So my CX spending has come to a halt. But it has got me thinking about future DX purchases too. I was toying with another DX body and a couple of lens purchases but for the first time in ages I’m actually thinking of dropping my Nikon gear and looking at something else. Not quite sure what, but probably mirrorless. If I’m going to do it, M43 seems the obvious choice to make a bulk and weight saving. The grass is always greener isn’t it?

I’m not suggesting my paltry photographic budget is going to make much difference to the Nikon financials, but if enough people start thinking along similar lines………

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