Water Voles

As mentioned elsewhere on this site I have a limited budget for photography. Knowing your equipment and its limitations helps no matter what gear you use.

With that in mind have a look at these. It was a reasonable day albeit a little windy at times.

Knowing the habits of what you are trying to photograph helps enormously.

It helped for my heron pictures and it also helps with these guys:

Water Vole swimming

Now you never really know how accommodating any wildlife subject is going to be. The water voles may hang around long enough to get some good shots or they could disappear in the blink of eye.

When photographing dragonflies and bees and the like its worth spending a few minutes to actually watch what they do and where there go. Chances are they will find a spot they like and return to it more than once. Of course sometimes they just fly off and that’s it. This is when you need that skill of patience. You are patient aren’t you? If not perhaps you need to try a different genre 🙂

So watching this chap led to knowing where he was going and which spots of grass he liked best.


For some reason there was a particularly nice patch of foliage up the bank about six inches away from where this was taken. While spending a reasonable amount of time here, the vole had it’s back to me thus limiting interesting poses.

Speaking of poses I took a few shots of our friend having a munch on some lettuce on a floating platform. At this stage I wasn’t sure how long the little fellow was going to be about so while not being the best of natural looking shots I thought it would be worth a punt.

I don’t like talking about equipment that much because it is too easy to get bogged down with specs and sucked into the marketing blurb that would have you believe no matter how much you have spent and how good the camera you have is, the more expensive model coming out next week (month, year) will improve your photography. 🙂

Suffice to say, these images and the ones on the rest of this site were taken on equipment that a lot of photographers would not entertain looking at, let alone buying. I could spend divorce inducing sums of money on equipment to try and better these photos, not to mention a hernia carrying the gear around.

The main thing is I got some photos I’m happy with and had a great time. I actually enjoyed watching him without having the camera glued to my eye.

Another positive of actually going out and taking photos is you get to meet some interesting people from all walks of life. One such chap was a guy called Dave who was also photographing this particular vole. During our discussion between taking pictures it became apparent he was a very accomplished (and published) photographer. That’s enough name dropping but I would like to thank Dave for being so approachable and friendly and providing added interest and perspective.

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