Water and sky

A trio of images from last weeks nature reserve walk, featuring water and sky.

All taken on my iPhone. As with everything in life using a smartphone for photography does come with some compromises.

You can forget about the long range telephoto shots. Although having said that I never really carried around a long telephoto anyway.

The macro capability isn’t quite the same as  carrying a dedicated macro lens (obviously).

But focussing on the advantages – I’m not carrying a camera bag of gear and swapping lenses. I can do ‘Slo Mo’ water shots without a tripod so I’m not carrying a tripod either.

I’m currently only using my iPhone for photography, in a bid to see if I can go ultra light. If I’m honest I do have a bit of FOMO at the moment. After years of carrying some sort of bag with extra lenses I do feel a bit ‘naked’.

Time will tell if just using a smartphone for photography will work for me. i did have a short dalliance with a Motorola G4 some years ago and produced this.

Our annual trip to the Scottish Highlands will probably be the clincher. For the first time I’m only taking my phone. My better half doesn’t quite get the gravity of my sacrifice, responding with ” I only ever use my phone”.

I’m not suggesting that others should ditch their gear and go minimalist, I’m just trying it as an interesting experiment. As such I need to give it a fair shot and resist carrying a bag full of gear.

I will do a post along the lines of ‘The Scottish Highlands with a phone’  in due course.

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