Tracks trees and bridges

Tracks, trees and bridges ended up being the subject instead of snow in May. Yep thats right we had snow. In May. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

Anyhow I thought I’d pop out and get some snow scenes, then discovered it was very localised. Knowing I was up against some cloudy weather moving in I decided to go to plan B.

lone tree with line of sheep

Looking across this field I envisaged a lone tree shot, until the sheep decided to form a line and head towards the farmer at a gate out of shot to the left. Not sure if it was feeding time but they were very excited. I think I will ‘adopt’ the tree for future potential images.

At the time I thought there was a shot here, but the image didn’t really work. Better to take something than pass it by though.

small arched bridge

Couldn’t quite decide the angle on this one. Perhaps a little to the left would have been better. Should have worked the scene a bit more. I’ve  said that before haven’t I ?

disused railway bridge across river.

This old railway bridge will probably look better when there are more leaves on the trees, maybe even Autumn?

Railway track curving into distance

Again some more colour in the foilage and brighter conditions might result in a better image.

railway bridge and track

This shot combines all three elements of the title.

Lastly a shot of the tracks curving beyond the bridge.

I actually passed where all these shots were taken on my way out when the light was better. I headed off thinking I might have got some better landscape images somewhere else. As it turned out it would have been more advantageous to stop here first. Live and learn.

So what’s the take away from this? Well the shots weren’t bangers, but it has given me somewhere to return to in better conditions.

I had a good time exploring a previous unknown area and got some exercise in the process.

After the last 18 months it’s just nice to get out……..

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