Thought this only came out at night

Thought this only came out at night… now bear with me.

An early morning walk around one of my regular haunts provided a bit of a surprise. Enjoying the peace and quiet I was happily strolling along looking for potential subjects. The sun was out and the temperature was steadily rising. It was going to be a warm one today.

The route in front of me was scattered with a criss cross of tree roots, some higher than others. As the path rose this is what I came across:

hedgehog in morning sun

I dont know who was more surprised me or this little chap (let’s call him Harry). When Harry saw me he looked up a little startled. We had a bit of a stand off, probably both wondering why we were out so early. Although at about half eight in the morning I’d of thought Harry should be in bed. Anyway he obligingly posed for a few frames and then turned around.

I thought Harry would make a run for it but instead he seemed quite happy to walk in front of me for a while. I must say it was a bit surreal to be sharing a path with a hedeghog. After a few minutes Harry decided to go left up a grassy bank where he stopped and bid me farewell.

Who would think going out to take some photos would lead to experiences like this…



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