The wedding day

Following on from a previous post… Mobile phone photography at a wedding.

We were recently invited to a friends wedding. Now I quite like weddings. There is something almost magical about them. The opportunity to dress up (this one was in Scotland, so kilts were order of the day), but more importantly the chance to share a special day.  A day where a couple have decided to publicly declare their love for each other, by exchanging vows and rings in front of witnesses.

Being such a special day, there does come an inherent pressure for everything to be and look right. I have to say I think the groom has the easier part of the deal here 😉

Now I don’t do wedding photography, but I can understand the responsibility for someone who does. Lets assume that most photographers are at the event from make-up to first dance, whichever way you look at it, that’s a long time to be on your feet. Not forgetting about the camera and lens or lenses you are going to be waving around, as well as organising a bunch of people who are going to get progressively harder to herd around position as the day goes on due to food and drink.

As far as our Scottish wedding was concerned, on the grooms side of things everyone looked smart in their traditional Scottish attire. The bride looked radiant in a flowing wedding dress ably supported by her bridesmaid.

Among the rest of the wedding party the women were suitably fashionable and the men were sporting more kilts and smart jackets. It was the first time myself and my son had the chance to wear a kilt and we embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly.

The friendly professional photographer completed her duties as one would expect. In fact she was the only person I saw with a DSLR. I saw one other compact camera and the rest were……wait for it….mobile phone users, me included. No real surprises there.

My LG G4 was as much camera as I would want to carry on the day. It also meant I didn’t have to worry about carrying or looking after anything larger. I originally picked that particular phone with a view to being able to use it for photography. I liked the camera functions but also the fact you could swap the battery. It has a separate memory card. As it happened the 32gb memory  was more than enough. The battery just about made it to the first dance. If I had a spare I could of changed it… but I don’t have a spare. To be fair this was the first time since I’ve had the phone that it didn’t last the day. My wife let me know her iphone 6, also used throughout the day, was ‘still going strong’ 🙂

So this got me thinking about my choice of phone. I almost got an iphone but at the last minute decide that the slightly higher MP camera, ability to swap the battery and memory card would be ‘better’ in terms of photographic use. Now on paper they are are all valid points, but in reality……to be honest the difference is minimal.

I’m sure I would have been just as happy with an iphone (or several other makes of phone). It would not have had a detrimental effect on my photography. Although, in terms of photographic related accessories the iphone may have a lead. When my phone contract is due I will see what’s about. Using the G4 under ‘my real world living’ I have a much better understanding of how I use a mobile phone for photography. It is not too difficult to see why mobile phone photography has decimated compact camera sales. It will probably be the end of them…

Anyway I present the happy couple whose special day we shared:


Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Orr

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