The Dxo One has caught my attention

Dxo have branched out from software, into hardware with the One.

A camera you attach to an iPhone 6, which is then used as a viewfinder and means of controlling the camera.

I really want to like this. You have a better quality camera than a standard smartphone with its own storage and battery. Dxo are promoting the unit as having DSLR image quality with a F1.8 32mm equivalent lens. It has a 6 blade iris and 20.2MP one inch CMOS BSI sensor.

The one inch sensor wouldn’t bother me in the slightest (after all I am one of the few fans of the Nikon 1 system).  A 32mm F1.8 lens is slightly different to what I’m used too but not totally off putting.

So what has caught my attention and why have I finally got something to be excited about in an otherwise predictable photographic world?

Well apart from a few niggles (battery life, connector, non replaceable battery) I think the concept is a great starting point for something a lot bigger.

Imagine two or three of these modules in your pocket. A wide angle, standard and telephoto lens. Swapping the module gives you a different field of view while all your control functions remain the same. You can use the phone for storage or the built in micro sd card. Each lens effectively having its own memory and battery.

Being connected to a phone would also allow a quick edit and uploading to your agency, website or social media of your choice. i.e your workflow just got a lot better than anything currently available using a DSLR.  You might even be brave enough to leave a laptop at home!

Thinking about the end use of the image, you wouldn’t need huge MP modules and could instead divert some R & D resource into lens and battery development. The premise here being that results would be viewed on a screen and not printed.

I think with the right developments, marketing and pricing the Dxo One concept, or something similar, is needed to shake up the camera market. We need to move on from the basically film like design of current bodies. In nearly anything else you could think of technology has been able to produce weight and bulk savings. Why are most cameras still designed like they should have a film in them?

Dxo if you happen to read this I would love to be one of the ones to try out the One 🙂


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