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A celebration

We recently had a chance to attend a celebration of two people committing to spend the rest of there lives together. Or in other words a wedding.

Now I might of mentioned before that I enjoy a wedding. There is something special about standing up in front of friends and family and declaring your love for one person. I know I’m an old romantic at heart. My wife, son and I were fortunate to be invited as guests. We had no pressure and could relax and enjoy the day.

Now being a photographer you always keep an eye on what other people are using to take images. The official ‘togs were using Nikon and I dare say any other make would probably yield similar results if you know what you are doing.

But what about the guests? Well there was a very pleasant chap with a compact camera taking pictures at the evening do. Everyone else (including us) were using …….yep you guessed….wait for it…. our phones. Once the official photographers had gone there wasn’t a DSLR or mirrorless camera in sight. In fact all the guests throughout the day only used their phones. And yes the pictures did get posted to social media more or less as it happened.

Now mostly you are looking at a mid twenties group here, with a few either side just to spread it out a bit. Potentially these are the people who MIGHT progress towards a more fully featured camera in the future. Why is might in capitals? Because they might not.

What now?

Here’s the interesting thing. The phones provided enough video and still picture quality for those using them. Together with the ability to instantly share to social media.

Now whether us two bodies and a handful of lenses toting oldies like it or not, we have to accept younger people are not into imaging in the same way.

But what people use at one wedding isn’t definitive. No it’s not. But it isn’t just one wedding. It’s several weddings, birthdays, It’s when your out and about. The bag carrying photographer is becoming an endangered species. If you don’t believe me, have you looked at the latest sales figures widely available and commented on over the web?

We are witnessing a change in how society thinks about and records it’s activities. The camera manufacturers are like dinosaurs trying to wake up and come to terms with that. Don’t get me started on prints 🙂

I still don’t believe mirrorless is the answer. I’m not convinced it will attract enough new photographers to be sustainable. Anyone wanting a half decent kit now will have to spend a lot of money to carry around a device and some lenses that can only take pictures and has woeful connectivity.

Will smartphones take over?

Arguably they have already. We have a multi function device with internet access in our pockets at a (compared to cameras) reasonable price. Cameras not built into a smartphone will become more niche. Perhaps they are now. Do we ever recognise a niche until it’s happened?

My 27 year old son shows no interest in photography. At all. Judging from the similarly aged people at the wedding they are more than happy with their phones.

There in lies the problem. For us older non gear heads cameras are good enough. For the younger ones phones are good enough. Bridging that divide is going to be difficult.

The next time your at a celebration, be it wedding, birthday, anniversary, religious festival connected to your faith ,take a few moments out to see how people are capturing the event.

Most of all remember why your there, enjoy the day and capture the event and memories the way you want…………..

The wedding day

Following on from a previous post… Mobile phone photography at a wedding.

We were recently invited to a friends wedding. Now I quite like weddings. There is something almost magical about them. The opportunity to dress up (this one was in Scotland, so kilts were order of the day), but more importantly the chance to share a special day. 

Are wedding photographers an endangered species too?

Are wedding photographers an endangered species too?

An article popped up on a website alluding to the fact that professionally photographed weddings may be starting to decline.

Out of 1000 people who responded to a survey, one in three are not going to hire a professional ‘tog instead, relying on family and friends.

A further one in three said they would be using a GoPro to record their happy day.

Does this signify a start in the decline of professional wedding photography or is there a potential bias in the survey size?

Out of all the expense a wedding day incurs, it would appear that people try to save money on the actual recording of that day. Sometimes it’s “we have this much left for the photographer”, rather than allowing a higher priority in the overall budget. Lets not forget that the photographer is there all day (normally) but what they produce only gets seen after the event. Unlike the dress, the venue, the cake, the food, the evening do etc.

Should this implied trend of not hiring a paid professional continue, the whole wedding industry better watch out. You could do away with planners. Aunt Edna is good at organising. The car, Uncle Tom has a cool car. The reception, were having a bring your own down the local pub. The hair stylist Cheryl always has great hair – she can do mine. Make up, Debs is really good at that… get the idea 🙂

Interestingly the survey did say that one in five who didn’t use a professional……were disappointed with the results.

Enough said.