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Autumn is well and truly here.

Autumn is well and truly here.

It seems just as I am gearing up for capturing some golden hues of Autumn, it arrives and overtakes me.

Before I realise it the leaves are actually coming off the trees and instead of photgraphing them I’m picking them up from the garden and trying to keep the paths clear. The slight problem with Autumn, especially in Wales is, it can result in short dull (read wet and overcast) days. Decent light can be at a premium.

It makes it more important to keep an eye on the weather to try and fit in photographic opportunities around chores, rain and getting dark at 4.30pm in the afternoon.

Is a home studio the answer?

A while back I thought of setting up a table top studio to use in the winter months. My first attempt was in the garage and initially I was happy. Until I realised that actually it was going to be too damp and too cold to do anything really productive. The last two houses we have lived in had external garages. These days they are single skin (brick wall) and really are glorified sheds. Although some people use them for parking the car in 🙂

I’m now looking at using the home office or possibly the dining table. The latter affording more space and better potential camera angles. I think this year I will put a concerted effort into developing this studio idea. Don’t tell the wife.

Hopefully I will have a system in place to allow me to shoot on the most weather depressing days of autumn and winter.

I will post about my studio adventures in a few weeks time.