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Snow scenes

Some nice snow scenes resulted from the recent weather. Observing lockdown restrictions here in the UK,  I went for a local walk and came across the following:

snowy scene

The snow had turned the fields into a white barren like landscape. With no wind and suitably wrapped up for the conditions it was quite pleasent. I would estimate that there was a good 6 inches of the white stuff around. Maybe deeper in places.

snowy countryside

Rather than take the DSLR, I popped the Nikon V1 in my pocket and just in case had a spare battery. My current cameras are pretty good in respect of battery life. But not knowing how long I would be out in the cold, I took a spare. In fact I always carry spares no matter the weather but very rarely need them. You can bet the one time you don’t have a spare, you’ll turn the camera into a paperweight just as that banger of a photo appears round the next corner.

snowy countryside

Talking of things I normally carry: filters. I have a small ND Grad for my Nikon 1 gear. On this occasion it was still indoors nice and warm.  Given the snow and the time I went out I should have known better. With the filter I could have calmed down the right side of the above photos a bit. Ah well, next time maybe I’ll grab the whole bag of gear rather than just the camera. Being Nikon 1 it’s not like it’s an ardous weight to carry around.

I actually just weighed my N1 bag. Any guesses?  1.4kg all in. Thats a body, four lenses, (two zooms, two primes, equal to 28-300mm), spare battery, gps, mini tripod, spare sd cards and filters. Should of just grabbed the bag eh?

All of the above images were overexposed by two stops. I least I remembered to do that 🙂

Stay safe.

Nikon 1 V1 macro

I’ve added a Nikon 1 V1 macro picture to the macro gallery. The image below was taken with the 30-110mm Nikon 1 lens with attached Raynox DCR250 adapter. A previous article here gives more examples of what this setup can do. It’s a lot lighter and more portable than my dedicated DSLR  lens and can give some amazing results.


OK…. so I clipped the wing on the right hand side a little, but I did manage to get a reasonable amount of eye detail. If you’ve ever tried getting this close to flies you’ll appreciate how difficult it can be. They don’t tend to stay still very long 🙂


Macro with the Nikon 1 V1

Not many people do macro with a Nikon 1 V1. Not many people have or like the Nikon 1 series full stop. I ‘m a bit odd ( as my  wife will testify), in that I quite like the V1. It’s a shame Nikon messed the 1 series around so much. With the right marketing they could have achieved so much more. It didn’t help that Nikon couldn’t decide what body style the V series should take. Three very different body versions was the last thing the V series needed.

Anyway, I tend to take my V1 all over the place. I get a body and the equivalent focal range of 27 -300mm in my pockets quite easily.

I’ve mentioned before I use a Raynox close up adapter. Fit this onto a 30-110mm Nikon 1 series lens and you have a nice little macro capable setup.

The day I captured the images on this page I was actually looking for dragonflies. Although the weather was warm with no wind, the dragonflies weren’t cooperating.


Instead I turned the camera to these more accommodating chaps.


Just for good measure here is a third one:


All these were taken with the Nikon 1 30-110mm lens and the Raynox 250 adapter:


The image above shows the Nikon 1 V1 with 30-110mm lens. I removed the Raynox adapter from its normal adjustable holder. Fitting a 40.5 to 43mm step up ring instead. The whole setup measures about 6″ or 150mm in new money.

Not too shabby for a kit lens and relatively cheap (compared to a dedicated macro lens) adapter.



(This post has sparked my interest in  flies. If you can positively identify these would you be kind enough to  email me here. 

Many Thanks.)

What are Nikon up to?

What are Nikon up to?

Over the years I’ve spent most of my photographic budget on Nikon products. I even bought into the Nikon 1 system thinking it might have taken a different path to the one it travelled.

There was very little consistency in the evolution of the V series body design. It appears to be a ‘let’s try this’ approach. Nikon didn’t seem to have the ability to plan and design a proper system or produce a sensible road map. The first thing any business course will tell you is … produce a business plan. Whatever Nikon was thinking with the 1 system seems to change with every meeting. Three very different body designs and still not sure if the viewfinder should be built in or separate. If there is another iteration you have to wonder what body style will be adopted next.

Don’t get me wrong I actually like using my V1. I am reluctant to spend more money on a system that could be discontinued. I might have considered the CX 70-300mm lens. But it is a bit on the steep side price wise. Same with the 32mm. If they stop making the bodies you will have to rely on the used market.   It is almost a Jekyll and Hyde system. On the one hand cheap consumer lenses on the other some quite expensive glass. They loaded the rifle then couldn’t decide exactly where they should be aiming.

Wide angle: that is the question.

Does the DX line need a wide angle prime? Or are have Nikon got it right and perhaps feel the market isn’t there. If they did release a wide angle it would have to competitively priced. With the wide angle zooms available it could be a tough call. Again it appears to be a lack of a plan. The original roadmap for DX lenses should have included a wide angle prime surely? Or should we be asking why Nikon are so reluctant to publish a roadmap in the first place?

So my CX spending has come to a halt. But it has got me thinking about future DX purchases too. I was toying with another DX body and a couple of lens purchases but for the first time in ages I’m actually thinking of dropping my Nikon gear and looking at something else. Not quite sure what, but probably mirrorless. If I’m going to do it, M43 seems the obvious choice to make a bulk and weight saving. The grass is always greener isn’t it?

I’m not suggesting my paltry photographic budget is going to make much difference to the Nikon financials, but if enough people start thinking along similar lines………

Will Nikon kill the 1 series?

Will Nikon kill the 1 series?

It would appear that Nikon are giving as much love to the V series as they are to DX wide angle primes – not a lot.

You really have to wonder if they will let the 1 series wither into obscurity with the release of the DL series compacts.

Now you could argue that the DL compacts are not a replacement and are completely different beasts.