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Is the Nikon 1 system still going?

A couple of interviews reported from Photokina suggest the Nikon 1 system is still going after all.

There was no mention of another V series body, but Nikon claim to have a 10% share in certain markets with the J5. This is potentially good news for those of us using the system. Lets hope they will continue with both V and J series bodies. Although i’m not sure where they could go with the V series now. Personally the guts of the J5 in an improved V1 style body would be interesting for me. As long as it doesn’t have the ‘mind of its own’ mode dial.


Nikon 1 V1

R.I.P Nikon 1 V1 ?

If Nikon are indeed continuing with the 1 system they need to go into damage control. A couple of people at a trade show saying a system isn’t discontinued may not be enough to convince current or potential users. The perception is the system is finished. If that is not the case Nikon need to make sure that message is out there.

Perhaps they could have a mirrorless promotion, maybe even introduce (or a at least hint at something) to compete with with the Canon EOS M5. Whether Nikon really want to release a mirrorless body is another issue. Removing the mirror box will save on some mechanical components. If they keep the DX lens format the bodies will not really get any thinner though. A new lens system would be expensive to develop and not really be what users want. A new line of cameras would need to be compelling and profitable at a competitive price. Maybe something similar to the Fuji XE series in design, with improved connectivity and properly implemented software solutions?  From a business point of view it is not a black or white decision.

There is a lot to think about for Nikon and it might be that they are reluctantly being forced down a path they may not want to take.