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A trio of black and white

A trio of black and white images at one of the local reservoirs. These were intentionally taken as black and white rather than thinking afterwards if it should be converted.

black and white barn

I actually saw this on the way up to the reservoir (technically across the road) and thought straight away there was a picture here. The colours weren’t too bad either but I wanted an intentional monochrome image. For some reason part of me thinks this is more reminscient of rural North America rather than rural North England.

This bridge is at the inlet end of the reservoir. The levels have gone up a bit but still remain low. It would be interesting to get a shot with the water a lot higher.

Shutting the gate I noticed this pattern made by the steelwork. These old gate and fences can have some real photographic potential, a lot of them lending themselves to suitable black and white images.

For a challenge when out and about think if your subject could benefit form the monochrome treatment. This could be easier if like me, you’ve shot monochrome before. If not, why not set your camera to black and white and see what you think. It may not be for you or you might quite like it. Who knows until you try?

Or perhaps capture images in a different format. You don’t need to go out and buy a huge and heavy medium format system to get square images. I must admit that can be a lot of fun if you want to get into film and maybe developing and processing at home, but if you just want to ‘try before you buy’ see if you can set your digital camera to record square first. Some can, some can’t, fortunately my current camera can. All is not lost however because you can always crop to square in post processing. It might just be a bit harder to visualize at capture.

Personally I’m leaning towards shooting square for a while, but we’ll see what happens……

If you want to explore black and white, film and different formats check out this chaps website and You Tube