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Poor Nikon

Poor Nikon, can’t do right for doing wrong at the moment.

No matter what they do people are there ready to give them a bashing. You have to wonder if any of these armchair ‘experts’ could do better. Could they release the right products for a worldwide market at a profit, to satisfy customers and shareholders? There are markets outside of America. With different requirements.

Too many times we see a little asked for feature to be implemented in a global product. I use [insert feature] once in a blue moon so every camera should have it. Admittedly taking out  features that people find useful won’t win any friends. 2nd card slot anyone? 🙂 Perhaps this is indicative of not only running out of features to add but cost cutting to produce a product at a very sensitive price point. Everybody wants the equivalent of a high end camera in the price range of a mid consumer model. It’s not going to happen, having said that am I the only one who thinks recent camera models are also pushing the prices up?

Talking of moving up, it would appear Sony have with their latest A9 camera. Another nail in the coffin for Nikon say the doom mongers. Umm… not sure the fortunes of any of these companies will depend on how well a four and a half grand camera sells.

Well Leica maybe, but you know what I mean.