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Levels at the reservoir

Levels at the local reservoir on a recent outing were quite low, including the water.

low water level at the reservoir

The UK is known for talking about (read complaining) the weather. It’s too hot, cold, wet, dry, frosty. You get the idea. As evidenced above we could actually do with some rain. When you think about it we don’t seem to have had much rain recently. A warm spell during April lulled us into a false sense of security with what now feels like a cold start to May.

fishermen at reservoir

These fishermen seemed to make the most of the early morning conditions. The other level alluded to in the title is light. I was really hoping the light would turn into something more than the meh in these scenes. Unfortunately it was not to be.

boats on the shoreline at reservoir

There is a better image here than I managed to capture. With the right light I think this scene has potential.

bench against wall

Even black and white couldn’t save the day from the flat overcast light.

Black and wwhite brick building at reservoir

I’m putting down this outing as a scouting expedition. 😉