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Scottish Highlands 2022

Welcome to the Scottish Highlands 2022 post, our annual visit to Scotland. This year the weather was typically Scottish. Sun, showers, sun, heavy rain, showers etc.

The conditions did provide for some interesting cloud. As this was a holiday and not a photographic trip there won’t be any amazing sunset (or sunrise) vistas. At this time of year your looking at sunrise around 4.30am and sunset around 10.00pm.

Here’s an example of the sort of things I did capture:

It’s a standing joke in the family that the holiday hasn’t started until we get a shot of Stac Pollaidh (or as anyone not from Scotland calls it – Stac Polly).

The above shot shows one of the small island ferries on the right with a visiting sailing ship on the left. The sailing ship was moored up in Ullapool but moved before I could get a shot of it.

The next two shots are from Loch Ewe. The metal sculpture of the soldier on look out links back  to the Second World War when the Loch was used as an assembly point for the Russian artic convoys.

Here we see a typical Highland mountain and road scene:

Sometimes you get a scattering of sheep across the roads.

We didn’t see too many deer on this visit. Depending on your point of view that can be a good thing or a bad thing. They can present good photo opportunities but can also be hazard to road users. In the past we have had to swerve around a stag that suddenly jumped into the middle of the road.

This was as close as I got to a sunset photo without causing too much family disruption. In the past we’ve enjoyed some quiet time sat on that bench. On this evening however it was a bit too breezy for that.

We have had better (and worse) weather on our Scottish holidays. On the bright side between the memory of covid and everything else going on at the moment we are fortunate to enjoy a week away.

Rain or shine the time always seems to fly by and we find ourselves heading home too soon…


Rainbow season in Scotland

It was rainbow season in Scotland on our last visit. The nice thing about showery weather and sunshine is the resulting rainbows.

Being in Scotland can be a bit of a gamble weather wise. Your never know what you are going to get. You can have all sorts in one one day. It could start off sunny and turn a hooley or it could go the other way

Here are some shots:

And finally:

Sometimes you just have to go out and see what happens…

Along the riverside

Along the riverside – a calming walk by a Scottish River. We are fortunate that (barring pandemics), the TMMA household get to have at least a couple of breaks a year in the Scottish Highlands. There are vistas galore to explore, in the car, by bike, walking or even if you like trekking over mountains (which I don’t really do).

The views change with the light, the weather and the seasons. On our last visit one very warm and sunny afternoon I managed to spend some time along the river bank. Away from the tourist hotspots you may not actually come across anyone else.

Being one to burn easily I have to be careful how much time I spend in the sun. On this particular walk I took advantage of the numerous areas of shade and just listened to the water.

I took in the sights and sounds as I slowly ambled along. The water rippling over the rocks, the sheep baaing (hope that’s a word) away in the fields. The wind rustling the branches of the trees and keeping things cool.

The water looked very inviting but I refrained from paddling.


Ok so no competition winners here but that doesn’t matter.

Glorious surroundings, great weather and a camera in hand… what more could you want?



A Scottish holiday

We regularly go away for a Scottish holiday. If you’ve ever been to Scotland you will know the weather can be …unpredictable. You might need everything from suncream to a raincoat in a single day.

Our recent getaway just as lockdown restrictions were being lifted resulted in a nice break. So grateful to be able to go on holiday we weren’t really too bothered about the weather. After all there isn’t much you can do about it anyway.

While sunshine would have been nice it really seemed to elude us.

Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands

The above scene was typical for the week. From a photographic point of view the light was flat. Here is another example:

Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands

Wester Ross, Scottish Highlands

Apart from a lack of decent light for photo purposes we had a good holiday and enjoyed ourselves.

The slight drawback of going anywhere on holiday in the UK is you never know what the weather will do. In the past we’ve been camping and it’s rained for a week. Equally we’ve had glorious sunshine and everything in between. In a normal holiday  season that is one reason people tend to go abroad. You have a much better chance of it being warm and sunny.

Unfortunately this has been anything but a normal season, as anyone working in tourism and anyone taking a holiday will testify.

To finish on a more upbeat note here is the final picture for this post:

Sheep scottish highlands

Sheep with an itch Scottish Highlands

This little chap had an itch that needed scratching…

Whatever and wherever you may go on holiday this year enjoy yourself.

Highlands 2018 gallery added to 12 Pics series

Highlands 2018 gallery has been added to the 12 Pics section after a recent visit.

You never really know what sort of weather you will get in Scotland. You could get rain, sleet, snow and sunshine all in one day.

Our last trip saw some lovely sunshine with warm temperatures.

We also had some cloud making for very overcast conditions. As the light changed the colour of the water also changed from a nice blue to a dull grey.

Not much you can do about the weather so enjoy what light there is and if doubt click away. You can always hit the delete button later 🙂

Highlands 2018 can be found here.