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Nikon mirrorless

Nikon are going to release a mirrorless camera an official announcement claims. Although rather vague we could speculate exactly what that means. We could also take a stab at a timescale. It might be clever marketing to delay those thinking about jumping ship. But there is a more important issue than the time scale or body style.

Will Nikon stick to their F mount or go mirrorless with a totally new one? If they stick with what they have, the bodies won’t be much smaller.

Most people will look at mirrorless as primarily giving them a weight and size advantage. That won’t happen with F mount lenses. Then you have the issue of DX and FX.

If Nikon release a FX body to compete with Sony, will the DX crowd feel put out? Or vice versa? Could we see a new mirrorless model in DX and FX? Will they stand up against the already established mirrorless offerings from other manufacturers?

Nikon 1 V1

That’s a lot of questions and we haven’t really scratched the surface yet.

I did a recent post about legacy lenses and personally think it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Nikon moved away from the F mount. Provided there were clear advantages in doing so and not just milking their customers for more cash.

We can see it won’t be any easy decisions for Nikon. Unfortunately their track record with the 1 series and then cancelling the DL series doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Whatever Nikon decide to do, it could be an opportunity to regain a bit of trust with their customers. How?

Publish a road map.