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Price Rises

Back in July I wrote a short post about price rises on photographic gear. The general consensus was prices would increase due to Brexit.

Well prices have gone up but I’m not sure it’s due to Brexit. Why? Because the UK hasn’t actually left the EU yet, therefore Brexit hasn’t happened.

What has happened is a lot of turbulence on the exchange rate of the GBP v other currencies. Unfortunately this did indeed result in price rises and not just on what we use for our hobby / living.  A quick search on will show some even modest lenses going up by £100 or so over the last year. Bodies by £60 on consumer level DSLRs. Most of that in the last few months. Used prices are sneaking up slowly as well.

Is this a rouse for Black Friday?

Some might say manufacturers could have been nudging prices up to make Black Friday deals look even better. Pre Black Friday offers (it didn’t stay on one day for long did it?) don’t really inspire me with the idea that deals will be that good. It seems the Brits adoption of the American one day sale is more of an excuse to offload slow moving stock.

Sure there will be a couple of loss leader deals but I think the majority won’t be the bargains we are hoping for.

At this time of year those fighting GAS have to be especially cautious. The thought of saving a few quid on that body or lens  can quickly overcome the more logical side of the brain.

If you have been waiting patiently for a deal just make sure it is geniune.

Good hunting.