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No photos – no worries!

We have had some glorious sunshine and decent temperatures recently so I decided to go out for a walk today in the local wood.

I thought a packed lunch would be in order so I duly assembled some nibbles and put them in my daysack. Instead of carrying two bags I also put in the Nikon 1 V1, spare battery and the 10-100mm lens. The Nikon is so small I normally put it in a pocket and spread any remaining gear out amongst the other pockets of whatever I’m wearing.

So I set off on my walk, enjoying the sun, the slight breeze and the multitude of birds singing their various songs. I count at least four different types of butterfly, see a couple of squirrels and some of those singing birds. The only other people I see are a couple of ladies out for a leisurely ride on their horses, accompanied by a couple of dogs, quite happily running on in front of them. Have you ever noticed how dogs always look at you like you should have something to eat for them?

All in all I had a nice couple of hours out in the countryside.

Did I take any photos? No – not on this adventure.

Why? I’m not really sure. I just didn’t feel like getting the camera out, being quite glad I didn’t bring the DSLR and all that bulk!

This is unusual for me, if I’ve got a camera with me I normally take some photos. Did my lack of taking photos detract from the experience?  No, not at all. Shame the other half wasn’t with me, because I doubt if she will believe me 🙂

So No Photos – No worries!

Having a photographic cull.

Having a photographic cull

Every so often I go through my ‘old’ photo folders just to see what’s in them. We use to call it looking through the photo album. Somehow it is not the same using a keyboard and monitor, no weight of the album on your lap, no tactile feeling as your turn the pages. No running yours finger over the photos and pointing to someone or something. Although on the plus side digital images don’t take up so much space.