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Snow scenes

Some nice snow scenes resulted from the recent weather. Observing lockdown restrictions here in the UK,  I went for a local walk and came across the following:

snowy scene

The snow had turned the fields into a white barren like landscape. With no wind and suitably wrapped up for the conditions it was quite pleasent. I would estimate that there was a good 6 inches of the white stuff around. Maybe deeper in places.

snowy countryside

Rather than take the DSLR, I popped the Nikon V1 in my pocket and just in case had a spare battery. My current cameras are pretty good in respect of battery life. But not knowing how long I would be out in the cold, I took a spare. In fact I always carry spares no matter the weather but very rarely need them. You can bet the one time you don’t have a spare, you’ll turn the camera into a paperweight just as that banger of a photo appears round the next corner.

snowy countryside

Talking of things I normally carry: filters. I have a small ND Grad for my Nikon 1 gear. On this occasion it was still indoors nice and warm.  Given the snow and the time I went out I should have known better. With the filter I could have calmed down the right side of the above photos a bit. Ah well, next time maybe I’ll grab the whole bag of gear rather than just the camera. Being Nikon 1 it’s not like it’s an ardous weight to carry around.

I actually just weighed my N1 bag. Any guesses?  1.4kg all in. Thats a body, four lenses, (two zooms, two primes, equal to 28-300mm), spare battery, gps, mini tripod, spare sd cards and filters. Should of just grabbed the bag eh?

All of the above images were overexposed by two stops. I least I remembered to do that 🙂

Stay safe.

I’m going to stop buying gear

I’m going to stop buying gear because whenever I get into a system things tend to go downhill.

My premise of buying into Nikon CX was to gain a smaller capable system and use the crop factor to extend my DX zoom capability.

I quite like my Nikon 1 system and still use it. Quite a lot actually. It’s not very often you can stick the equivalent of a 300mm lens in your pocket, carry it around all day and not notice.

In terms of extending my zoom capacity with the DX zoom it sort of worked. It would have been better if Nikon hadn’t of knobbled the AF to one centre point though.

Anyway the downhill part became the demise of the 1 system. Nikon couldn’t figure out where to go with it. By the time they released the V3 with the third different body style my expenditure on the system stopped. I’m feeling a bit of deja vu here.

As it happens Nikon’s expenditure on the system stopped as well.

On the DX side of things I started with a D70 had numerous bodies since and currently use a D200  and D5300. So you could say I stuck with DX.

For me DX is a nice compromise in terms of cost, weight, value and performance. I’ve happy with my DX system and for what I do don’t need full frame.

Now it would appear that DX could go the way of CX.

Im starting to feel the APS-C sector is going to become very niche. The only company really sticking to the format seems to be Fuji.

It will be interesting to see what happens as the APS-C segment comes under pressure from smartphones at the bottom end and lower pricing on full frame from the top end. This could also apply to m4/3 as well.

If you don’t need full frame will there still be a choice of formats long term? Or will we be forced to choose between a smartphone and full frame?

Fortunately there is more than enough pre-owned gear around to last for a while.

In the meantime I’m going to stop buying gear and see where the dust settles.


Will DX become the new CX?

It took Nikon three years to kill off the 1 series, so will DX become the new CX?

Nikon released their last 1 series camera in 2015. This year after all the speculation Nikon 1 owners were finally put out of their misery with the officially discontinued announcement. The lack of love for CX lenses was there all along, We were in denial.

Nikon 1 V1 with 10mm CX lens

Nikon 1 V1 with 10mm CX lens

Unfortunately there could be some parallels with DX here. Why on God’s green earth did Nikon put so much effort into 18-something zooms.

Surely some of those resources could have been put to better use. Like a couple of wide angle primes that people were begging for. But no…let’s do another zoom… just in case we don’t have enough.

Then the piece d’resistance – the AF-P series. Let’s release more of the same but this time we’ll nobble the backwards compatibility. Score.

Nikon couldn’t produce or didn’t have the will (your choice) to proactively run three lens lines. But they have backed themselves into the same corner again.

I am a CX shooter. I am a DX shooter. For me DX (or Aps-c) is a sweet spot of value, size and quality. I don’t need a £2k (or £3k)  mirrorless or DSLR or even full frame camera, my photography is more of a hobby.

I fear that Nikon will eventually ‘pull a 1 series’* on their DX range and ignore them out of existence. Maybe not straight away but in the next three to five years.

The problem then becomes a familiar experience. At which point do you say enough is enough and refrain from buying new bodies and lenses.

A bit doom  and gloom? Yes, but that is what Nikon 1 owners went through.

Learning from the past do we really want to [have to] go through it again with DX?


* ‘pull a 1 series’ – adj- to totally ignore telling people then discontinue. Pertaining to cameras, lenses etc  🙂

Is the Nikon 1 series discontinued?

Is the Nikon 1 series discontinued? According to one German photography website it is, or more accurately Nikon have stopped production.

I wrote a post here in March 2016 about the potential demise of the Nikon 1 system. There is a similar one here six months later. Here we are again.

All Nikon 1 owners will now be waiting for an official announcement. Although given the total lack of interest displayed by Nikon recently regarding the 1 system it may not be a surprise.

I was reluctant to spend any more money on my 1 collection. Not knowing what was going to happen with a V4 kept my wallet firmly in my pocket. Probably did the same for other users as well.

The 1 series never really knew where it was going, or who it was for. I think there was a lot of potential but for Nikon it was too little, too late. Did the project team move to the DL? Has put the lights out in the CX division and left it? Or moved it to the basement and forgot about it 🙂

I’ll carry on using my equipment for as long as I can however I definitely won’t be spending any more on it. Hopefully it will last long enough for the dust to settle and to figure out where I should go next. In terms of size and weight the m43 systems have got to be contenders. There is a good range of body styles and lenses to choose from. And more than one manufacturer.

While we could have a rant about what Nikon should have done with the 1 series, there doesn’t seem much point. Officially discontinued or not, I can’t see anyone looking seriously at the system. Unless it fills a specific niche you have.

So for now until Nikon confirm either way, we are in the same place.

Limbo. Still.

Please Nikon, put us out of our misery.

Nikon 1 RIP? Maybe, maybe not



Macro with the Nikon 1 V1

Not many people do macro with a Nikon 1 V1. Not many people have or like the Nikon 1 series full stop. I ‘m a bit odd ( as my  wife will testify), in that I quite like the V1. It’s a shame Nikon messed the 1 series around so much. With the right marketing they could have achieved so much more. It didn’t help that Nikon couldn’t decide what body style the V series should take. Three very different body versions was the last thing the V series needed.

Anyway, I tend to take my V1 all over the place. I get a body and the equivalent focal range of 27 -300mm in my pockets quite easily.

I’ve mentioned before I use a Raynox close up adapter. Fit this onto a 30-110mm Nikon 1 series lens and you have a nice little macro capable setup.

The day I captured the images on this page I was actually looking for dragonflies. Although the weather was warm with no wind, the dragonflies weren’t cooperating.


Instead I turned the camera to these more accommodating chaps.


Just for good measure here is a third one:


All these were taken with the Nikon 1 30-110mm lens and the Raynox 250 adapter:


The image above shows the Nikon 1 V1 with 30-110mm lens. I removed the Raynox adapter from its normal adjustable holder. Fitting a 40.5 to 43mm step up ring instead. The whole setup measures about 6″ or 150mm in new money.

Not too shabby for a kit lens and relatively cheap (compared to a dedicated macro lens) adapter.



(This post has sparked my interest in  flies. If you can positively identify these would you be kind enough to  email me here. 

Many Thanks.)

Is the Nikon 1 system still going?

A couple of interviews reported from Photokina suggest the Nikon 1 system is still going after all.

There was no mention of another V series body, but Nikon claim to have a 10% share in certain markets with the J5. This is potentially good news for those of us using the system. Lets hope they will continue with both V and J series bodies. Although i’m not sure where they could go with the V series now. Personally the guts of the J5 in an improved V1 style body would be interesting for me. As long as it doesn’t have the ‘mind of its own’ mode dial.


Nikon 1 V1

R.I.P Nikon 1 V1 ?

If Nikon are indeed continuing with the 1 system they need to go into damage control. A couple of people at a trade show saying a system isn’t discontinued may not be enough to convince current or potential users. The perception is the system is finished. If that is not the case Nikon need to make sure that message is out there.

Perhaps they could have a mirrorless promotion, maybe even introduce (or a at least hint at something) to compete with with the Canon EOS M5. Whether Nikon really want to release a mirrorless body is another issue. Removing the mirror box will save on some mechanical components. If they keep the DX lens format the bodies will not really get any thinner though. A new lens system would be expensive to develop and not really be what users want. A new line of cameras would need to be compelling and profitable at a competitive price. Maybe something similar to the Fuji XE series in design, with improved connectivity and properly implemented software solutions?  From a business point of view it is not a black or white decision.

There is a lot to think about for Nikon and it might be that they are reluctantly being forced down a path they may not want to take.


Will Nikon kill the 1 series?

Will Nikon kill the 1 series?

It would appear that Nikon are giving as much love to the V series as they are to DX wide angle primes – not a lot.

You really have to wonder if they will let the 1 series wither into obscurity with the release of the DL series compacts.

Now you could argue that the DL compacts are not a replacement and are completely different beasts.