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Something from the hard drive #4

This is the fourth instalment in my something from the hard drive series and we have moved into 2009.

The first image is an early attempt at some light trails. I spent some time on a bridge over the M5 with the D70 set up on a tripod, experimenting with different exposures. Fortunately I was one bridge down from a junction and managed to include the slip roads in both directions, which I think made the shot more interesting.

I came across this rural church in the sunshine and after looking at several angles settled on this shot using the trees as framing.

The last shot in this trio is  a more unusual view of the sea front at Weston Super Mare, somewhere I’ve frequented numerous times over the years without realising this was even here.

That’s it for number 4.

Something from the hard drive #3

The third instalment in something from the hard drive features a trio of images from a typical Cotswold town called Chipping Campden.

This trip was shot in early December, 2008. There is some sun but a lot of the buildings are in shade.

I’d like to think my photography has improved since then and presented with the same conditions I would produce a totally different set of images.

There are a lot of market towns and villages in the UK I would call hidden gems. Under the right lighting they can produce some lovely images.

All you have to do is find them and figure out when’s the best time to photograph them, which could involve multiple visits at different times of day and even different seasons.

Hey…nobody said this photography lark was easy….

Something from the hard drive #2

Something from the hard drive part 2 – these shots were an attempt at some architectural photography and if I remember rightly (they were taken in 2007) also part of a school project for my son.

The shot below was actually a streetlight which had some interesting angles and curves.

I liked the rectangles and right angles in this shot, together with the alternating glass and cladding.

All these were taken on a Nikon D70 with 18-70mm zoom,  it was a great combination of body and lens and produced some very likeable images for me.

I still think there is something about the output from the CCD sensor Nikon cameras. I have a D200 which I like but at almost a kilo just for the body, it’s getting a  bit heavier than I want to carry around these days. The D200 did produce some of my favourite photos.

I am toying with getting another CCD version Nikon, the D80, arguably the D200s’ smaller brother. The D80 has more or less the same internals in a ‘plastic’ body. This makes it lighter at around half a kilo (585g) body only. It also uses Sd cards rather than the Cf cards used by the D70 and D200.

Another advantage for me, and I know this is very subjective, is that all the bodies mentioned here just sit right in my hands.

I did have a D80 and it was one of the few cameras I regret selling. Interestingly a D80 or D200 can be had for around £60 – £70 used (depending on condition) here in the UK.

I know the output might not suit everyone but at that price, if you like CCD output I think it’s quite a bargain.

(Other Nikon CCD cameras are available😀).

Something from the hard drive #1

I’m starting a new series called ‘Something from the hard drive’. This came about from going through my images on yes, you guessed it .. my hard drive.

In this series I am picking images that may have an ‘interesting’ subject rather than be artistically ‘perfect’. You know what I mean.

So to kick off here are three images from Cardiff Bay in Wales. The first one is the corner of the Wales Millennium Centre. I thought this angle was more unusual and interesting than a straight head on shot.

This is inside the Senedd, the Welsh assembly building. The curves and lines of the roof appealed to me.

This is view looking through the transparent walls of the Senedd across part of Cardiff Bay, towards the voco ST David’s, Cardiff, the building with the curved roof. It is actually a five star hotel and no we haven’t had the pleasure of staying there.

You can easily spend a day wandering around Cardiff Bay. There are plenty of interesting subjects for the photographer and a variety of establishments for eating and drinking.