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Everyone knows how to run a company

Everyone knows how to run a company. At least that’s what you would think looking at the comments in various forums around the web.

This Easter was a bit of a disaster in the TMMA household. 3/4 of the family got a nasty bug that effectively put us out of commission for a good couple of weeks. The wife went one better and decided she would beat us all with a chest infection. We are now on the mend and whilst limiting our outdoor photography to zero, I did have the chance to catch up on some internet reading.

Hence the title of the article. Speculation abounds as to what Nikon might do with their mirrorless cameras. I’ve read more than a few comments regarding what armchair commentators  think should happen.

It would appear few have had any business training.

It is obvious from certain comments that people are looking at things from a purely photographic point of view. Company [insert name] should do this that and the other.

Any manufacturing training will tell you not to do anything unless it adds value. Also the ONLY reason to go into business is to MAKE A PROFIT.

Nearly every business these days faces threats on multiple fronts. Bricks and mortar shops are fighting decreasing footfall and here in the UK increased business rates. Couple that with the tightening of consumer spending and it’s pretty obvious why companies are struggling. Threats of an interest rate rise won’t help.

Internet outlets have lower overheads but don’t appear to be immune from the slowdown either.

Where does that leave global manufacturers?

As far as photography is concerned the push will be towards selling fewer high value units. Some manufacturers have alluded to this already. As much as I want to like Fujifilm gear I still think it is pricey.

With a shrinking market I can’t see selling higher priced gear is a good long term strategy.

In fact given current conditions I not sure what a long term strategy would even look like any more.

I think that we are seeing a change in camera buying habits. Even with the potential release of new Canon and Nikon mirrorless cameras I’m not convinced it will be enough to turn around anyone’s fortunes.

Do people really want to carry a bag full of lenses and a spare body these days?

Any lessons to be learnt here?

Yes. When your ill be careful what you read on the internet 😀 I’m tending to think that I need to concentrate on informative internet reading rather than the comments sections.

I’m also looking forward to getting out (weather permitting) and actually taking some photographs again.

For ages I’ve been toying with the idea of creating an indoor table top studio setup. I think I really need to do something now.

Camera manufacturers catch up

Camera manufacturers catch up with the rest of the world.


From various figures available in Japan the camera manufacturers are starting to realise something. The rest of us have known for ages. Spending is going down and there might actually be some austerity in the world after all.

Most of the figures are flat at best or in decline at worst. There are slight regional variations, but essentially there would appear to be a decline in what is a mature marketplace.

The players are competing for less while profits are being squeezed in the process. This will lead to the value or quantity question. Do they sell fewer items at a higher price or go for quantity at a lower price?

Pros and cons exist to each. At the moment they won’t get both therefore some tough boardroom decisions are likely. It is easy to comment on anything from an armchair. People asking for this and that may think differently if it was their company and money. We can scream for something in the UK or Europe but what if it has no chance of selling in the rest of the world?

A market in decline is no good for anyone, manufacturer or customer.

The conundrum will be whether manufacturers can release a market inspiring product. A competitive price and decent profit will be especially relevant.