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Along the riverside

Along the riverside – a calming walk by a Scottish River. We are fortunate that (barring pandemics), the TMMA household get to have at least a couple of breaks a year in the Scottish Highlands. There are vistas galore to explore, in the car, by bike, walking or even if you like trekking over mountains (which I don’t really do).

The views change with the light, the weather and the seasons. On our last visit one very warm and sunny afternoon I managed to spend some time along the river bank. Away from the tourist hotspots you may not actually come across anyone else.

Being one to burn easily I have to be careful how much time I spend in the sun. On this particular walk I took advantage of the numerous areas of shade and just listened to the water.

I took in the sights and sounds as I slowly ambled along. The water rippling over the rocks, the sheep baaing (hope that’s a word) away in the fields. The wind rustling the branches of the trees and keeping things cool.

The water looked very inviting but I refrained from paddling.


Ok so no competition winners here but that doesn’t matter.

Glorious surroundings, great weather and a camera in hand… what more could you want?



A trio of black and white

A trio of black and white images at one of the local reservoirs. These were intentionally taken as black and white rather than thinking afterwards if it should be converted.

black and white barn

I actually saw this on the way up to the reservoir (technically across the road) and thought straight away there was a picture here. The colours weren’t too bad either but I wanted an intentional monochrome image. For some reason part of me thinks this is more reminscient of rural North America rather than rural North England.

This bridge is at the inlet end of the reservoir. The levels have gone up a bit but still remain low. It would be interesting to get a shot with the water a lot higher.

Shutting the gate I noticed this pattern made by the steelwork. These old gate and fences can have some real photographic potential, a lot of them lending themselves to suitable black and white images.

For a challenge when out and about think if your subject could benefit form the monochrome treatment. This could be easier if like me, you’ve shot monochrome before. If not, why not set your camera to black and white and see what you think. It may not be for you or you might quite like it. Who knows until you try?

Or perhaps capture images in a different format. You don’t need to go out and buy a huge and heavy medium format system to get square images. I must admit that can be a lot of fun if you want to get into film and maybe developing and processing at home, but if you just want to ‘try before you buy’ see if you can set your digital camera to record square first. Some can, some can’t, fortunately my current camera can. All is not lost however because you can always crop to square in post processing. It might just be a bit harder to visualize at capture.

Personally I’m leaning towards shooting square for a while, but we’ll see what happens……

If you want to explore black and white, film and different formats check out this chaps website and You Tube

Tracks trees and bridges

Tracks, trees and bridges ended up being the subject instead of snow in May. Yep thats right we had snow. In May. Can’t remember the last time that happened.

Anyhow I thought I’d pop out and get some snow scenes, then discovered it was very localised. Knowing I was up against some cloudy weather moving in I decided to go to plan B.

lone tree with line of sheep

Looking across this field I envisaged a lone tree shot, until the sheep decided to form a line and head towards the farmer at a gate out of shot to the left. Not sure if it was feeding time but they were very excited. I think I will ‘adopt’ the tree for future potential images.

At the time I thought there was a shot here, but the image didn’t really work. Better to take something than pass it by though.

small arched bridge

Couldn’t quite decide the angle on this one. Perhaps a little to the left would have been better. Should have worked the scene a bit more. I’ve  said that before haven’t I ?

disused railway bridge across river.

This old railway bridge will probably look better when there are more leaves on the trees, maybe even Autumn?

Railway track curving into distance

Again some more colour in the foilage and brighter conditions might result in a better image.

railway bridge and track

This shot combines all three elements of the title.

Lastly a shot of the tracks curving beyond the bridge.

I actually passed where all these shots were taken on my way out when the light was better. I headed off thinking I might have got some better landscape images somewhere else. As it turned out it would have been more advantageous to stop here first. Live and learn.

So what’s the take away from this? Well the shots weren’t bangers, but it has given me somewhere to return to in better conditions.

I had a good time exploring a previous unknown area and got some exercise in the process.

After the last 18 months it’s just nice to get out……..

Windy day at the coast

A windy day at the coast. Not too surprising as generally you do get a bit of a breeze where the sea meets land.

View to the Larne Islands

This is a view across to the Farne Islands, just off the north east coast of England.

In the other direction we have:

Bamburgh Castle and coast

This is Bamburgh Castle. Normally shot from the other side, but I thought through the dunes added interest. Although it was windy there was enough heat haze to result in some distortion. I didn’t really notice it at the time. If it had been a decent shot the blue tent on the left would have received a good cloning.

Another shot affected by the heat haze.

This one could have done with some more space at the top. Thinking about it now I should have either gone for the castle or the rocks but not both.

As lockdown restrictions are gradually eased there will be plenty of opportunities for us to get out again, see friends and family and venture further afield to capture images. We’ll be able to polish up our photography skills and maybe even enjoy a pie and chips or pint (or both) at the coast. Mmmmm.

After the lockdowns we have all endured, I for one will relish the simple pleasures……


Levels at the reservoir

Levels at the local reservoir on a recent outing were quite low, including the water.

low water level at the reservoir

The UK is known for talking about (read complaining) the weather. It’s too hot, cold, wet, dry, frosty. You get the idea. As evidenced above we could actually do with some rain. When you think about it we don’t seem to have had much rain recently. A warm spell during April lulled us into a false sense of security with what now feels like a cold start to May.

fishermen at reservoir

These fishermen seemed to make the most of the early morning conditions. The other level alluded to in the title is light. I was really hoping the light would turn into something more than the meh in these scenes. Unfortunately it was not to be.

boats on the shoreline at reservoir

There is a better image here than I managed to capture. With the right light I think this scene has potential.

bench against wall

Even black and white couldn’t save the day from the flat overcast light.

Black and wwhite brick building at reservoir

I’m putting down this outing as a scouting expedition. 😉

A couple of close ups

Here are a couple of close ups following on from my ‘looking a bit bare‘ post, which explored the local nature reserve before it bursts into life again in spring.

I deliberately went out in what could have been rainy conditions. The idea being the lure of capturing some water drop images. Just to prove things dont always go as planned:

Not quite what I was expecting

These two leaves were covered in water drops and looked far more interesting than I managed to capture here. Not only did I fail to get the scene I witnessed, for bonus points I managed to mess up the focus as well. There are no excuses here. I should have taken a few more shots from different angles. Don’t know why I didn’t, it wasn’t like I was pushed for time. So much for working the scene.

Here is a slightly more sucessful image:

water drops on leaf

Better but still room for improvement.

Having caught the water drops on the leaf edge I didn’t notice the pointed leaf on the right. When I want to waste of couple of hours editing I will try to clone out the offending article :).

A little bit down the trail I found this fungi:

I am fascinated by the different types and shapes of fungi but haven’t a clue as to any of thier names. Note to self – research types of fungi.

So in terms of photography no award winners on this trip. But it doesn’t matter. I was out with my camera getting some fresh air and enjoying the great outdoors.

A decent picture is just icing on the cake.

Stay safe.

PS: Here’s the modified version:

Water drops on edge of leaf

The ‘improved’ version

Version 2.1