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Getting back to my roots

Getting back to my roots. No this isn’t an article on ancestry.

On a walk in one of the local woods I came across some fallen trees. The upended root structures varied between interesting and bordering on spooky, almost like they could eat you, if it was dark. And Halloween 🙂

Here are the images:

The lighting proved interesting. It was a sunny day and some roots were in shade while others were in the sun. Despite forgetting to bring the sky down a bit with a graduated ND filter, I think my little m43 camera handled the conditions well.


Shapes are all around us, sometimes we notice them sometimes we walk straight past. Even when were driving there are different shaped road signs which we should take notice of.

Here are some shapes I came across on my adventures:

rectanglular shape of metal gate

I have a thing about converting metal gates to black and white, I think it just shows the textures better.

cross shape of metal gate

Here’s a prime example. Pitting on metal can produce some great textures and potential for images. Also looking out for paint on surfaces, wood, metal and brickwork can prove interesting with peeling or different layers.

triangle shaped rock with grass

Here’s a triangle with texture. This looks like it was deliberately placed to block the country track but I could be wrong. Either way I would say it’s been there a while.

This bridge rebuild provided a multitude of shapes and some angles:

brick bridge over dreid stream

If your out and about have a look out for shapes if that’s your thing. Could be interesting as a one off or a perhaps even a project. Shapes could appear naturally, be man made, or even in clouds (when there gone, there gone).

Talking of clouds each one is unique, but more often than not I manage to turn them into space ships from some sci-fi series I’ve watched. Much to wife’s annoyance , but once I’ve mentioned it she usually sees what I’m getting at 😀

Told her resistance is futile…