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‘Twas still outside

‘Twas still outside, well there was no wind at least. Family commitments have overtaken photo opportunities for the time being, but I did manage to have a short trip out.

Here’s a couple from the local reservoir on an unusually still day. It’s not very often this much water has a mirror like finish.

This shot is from a slightly different angle showing more of the wall. The level is still relatively low.

It was a good job there was no wind because the temp just managed to reach 3 degrees Celsius. Adding a wind chill to that would have made for very interesting  conditions.

There was still some nice frost patterns on top of the wall, unfortunately due it being late afternoon the wall was already in shadow.

On a bright note we have passed the shortest day, which if your like me and don’t like the dark days of winter is very good news.

Getting back to my roots

Getting back to my roots. No this isn’t an article on ancestry.

On a walk in one of the local woods I came across some fallen trees. The upended root structures varied between interesting and bordering on spooky, almost like they could eat you, if it was dark. And Halloween 🙂

Here are the images:

The lighting proved interesting. It was a sunny day and some roots were in shade while others were in the sun. Despite forgetting to bring the sky down a bit with a graduated ND filter, I think my little m43 camera handled the conditions well.

Capturing some autumn colours

I was a bit late in capturing some autumn colours this year. A dry, sunny, windy but cold morning provided a chance. While I might have missed the best days for this years colours I decided to go out for a walk and see what was around.

This shot was one of the old local quarries. A good example of being a little  too late.

The bracken had gone over in the above shot and there was a distinct lack of trees, but I was out and something about it appealed to me.

On the way back to the car I took this shot:

I looked at the scene and thought that (despite the title of this post) this might make an interesting mono shot.

I don’t think it turned out too bad and provides an example of keeping your options open rather than come back with nothing.

Rainbow season in Scotland

It was rainbow season in Scotland on our last visit. The nice thing about showery weather and sunshine is the resulting rainbows.

Being in Scotland can be a bit of a gamble weather wise. Your never know what you are going to get. You can have all sorts in one one day. It could start off sunny and turn a hooley or it could go the other way

Here are some shots:

And finally:

Sometimes you just have to go out and see what happens…

Out for an evening drive

When the weather is good it’s nice to sometimes go out for an evening drive. You never really know what you will see. Some of the usual spots that you think will provide a good photo can be disappointing. The clouds aren’t quite right, there’s a camper van (or two) in the way, you know the usual stuff.

A layby on a main road wouldn’t be my first choice to capture a sunset, however I think this shot didn’t come out too bad.

Sunset over fields

Yes I did brighten up the foreground a touch to provide a bit of interest.

The trouble with chasing a sunset is knowing when to carry on driving to find a better view and…..knowing when to stop and take a shot.

You could try for something better but you might be chasing unicorns….