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A bunch of flowers and a phone

Yeah I know.. you’d rather be out taking photos… but a bunch of flowers and a phone can keep you occupied on those days you have to wait in for parcel deliveries.

Here are some roses

Without diving into the camera bag and setting up a tripod, you could still capture some close up images.

All these were taken on my iPhone. I did move the vase into the conservatory (with the blinds shut) for some more diffused lighting.

Now you could say that didn’t take long. Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s look at it another way. You decide you want to take some photos but you can’t go out. So you think what can I photograph. Then you think where, what about lighting, angles, shadows etc. Although your still at home the whole process is the same as taking a shot anywhere else.

Your in the zone, your mind is now engaged in photography mode. You’ve escaped for however long and got some practice in. Think of photography like going down the gym – to get any benefit you have to do it regularly.

So some photographic entertainment at your finger tips or should that be flower tips🤔

You also now have an excuse (should you need one) to buy the other half even more flowers.

Go on get some brownie points in the bank…..