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What do you do when it’s raining outside – edit


What do you do when it’s raining outside – edit. I make no excuses for going through my images on my hard drive, which I do quite regularly. There is not much point in taking photos if your not going to look at them!

So on a particularly wet and windy afternoon, after spending what seemed to be ages trying to kick my computer back to life I opened up my DAM program and started browsing my images. As a slight aside – if you use Lightroom or Darktable (other editors are available) you can search yours photos using metadata. Such things as Lens, camera, date, shutter speed focal length etc.

This information can be handy when deciding on potential new purchases, especially lenses. Do you get a prime because your zoom always seems to be around a prime focal length? Are you really using that macro lens as much as you thought? Of course there are other considerations but the information can help make an informed decision on new purchases and potential part exchange candidates.

On the editing front I revisited some images and started playing around with some adjustments. I should have copied the original files to post a comparison but hey ho…

In the shot below I adjusted the sky to give it a bit more detail. In the mid ground I made adjustments to the exposure, added a slight amount of dehaze and a touch of clarity. This gave better definition and made the mid scene more interesting.

In this shot I made an adjustment to the sky, tweaked the exposure of the mountain in the centre and brought up the detail on the right hand side a touch.

This shot had the most adjustments:

Originally the foreground was a lot darker obscuring the detail in the grass. I brought the sky down and sin of all sins got rid of an obtrusive power line. You can see the pole I left in on the left hand side, but it looks more abandoned than used.

I find that any adjustments should be subtle. Move the slider which ever way, then bring it back a touch. Especially the dehaze and clarity. Control Z and reset can also be your friends here 🙂

I prefer to be out taking pictures and won’t spend hours editing. In fact in all these shots I only spent a few minutes on each. Personally I like to think of the software as enhancing images rather than trying to save them. My m43 gear will easily cope with a good stop or so of adjustment. Having said that, good practice dictates trying to get somewhere close in the original exposure.

When your rained in on a Sunday afternoon wondering what to do, one option could be looking through your old images. Maybe even explore some of the features on your image editing software. There must be some buttons  you haven’t tried yet 😀. Most of us (hobbyists) probably only scratch the surface of what these packages can do. I will be the first to admit I use about 10% maybe 15% of the features of LrC.

So unless your thing is taking pictures in the rain (mine isn’t) some computer time on your image editor could be beneficial to your workflow.

After all we don’t want to be behind a screen when the weather is good.

Do we?