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Some fungi

Why did the fungi cross the road?  Umm…OK enough of that.

My two things regarding fungi photography. 1. You have to search to find something that isn’t squashed. 2. Your going to be lucky if it’s clean.

Here’s my first example:

See what I mean about being clean?  There’s not much you can do about this, so I took the photo as a ‘natural’ example.

This chap wasn’t too clean either but I liked the way the shadow on the left mirrored it. Maybe I should have included a bit more shadow. Again another one of those times I should have taken more than one shot with a slightly different composition.

I got in close on this one going for a more abstract look. At first you wonder what exactly your looking at, then you start to figure it out.

All these were taken with a Lumix G Macro 30mm lens, it’s a tiny lens (for a macro) and weighs next to nothing.




Shapes are all around us, sometimes we notice them sometimes we walk straight past. Even when were driving there are different shaped road signs which we should take notice of.

Here are some shapes I came across on my adventures:

rectanglular shape of metal gate

I have a thing about converting metal gates to black and white, I think it just shows the textures better.

cross shape of metal gate

Here’s a prime example. Pitting on metal can produce some great textures and potential for images. Also looking out for paint on surfaces, wood, metal and brickwork can prove interesting with peeling or different layers.

triangle shaped rock with grass

Here’s a triangle with texture. This looks like it was deliberately placed to block the country track but I could be wrong. Either way I would say it’s been there a while.

This bridge rebuild provided a multitude of shapes and some angles:

brick bridge over dreid stream

If your out and about have a look out for shapes if that’s your thing. Could be interesting as a one off or a perhaps even a project. Shapes could appear naturally, be man made, or even in clouds (when there gone, there gone).

Talking of clouds each one is unique, but more often than not I manage to turn them into space ships from some sci-fi series I’ve watched. Much to wife’s annoyance , but once I’ve mentioned it she usually sees what I’m getting at 😀

Told her resistance is futile…

Windy day at the coast

A windy day at the coast. Not too surprising as generally you do get a bit of a breeze where the sea meets land.

View to the Larne Islands

This is a view across to the Farne Islands, just off the north east coast of England.

In the other direction we have:

Bamburgh Castle and coast

This is Bamburgh Castle. Normally shot from the other side, but I thought through the dunes added interest. Although it was windy there was enough heat haze to result in some distortion. I didn’t really notice it at the time. If it had been a decent shot the blue tent on the left would have received a good cloning.

Another shot affected by the heat haze.

This one could have done with some more space at the top. Thinking about it now I should have either gone for the castle or the rocks but not both.

As lockdown restrictions are gradually eased there will be plenty of opportunities for us to get out again, see friends and family and venture further afield to capture images. We’ll be able to polish up our photography skills and maybe even enjoy a pie and chips or pint (or both) at the coast. Mmmmm.

After the lockdowns we have all endured, I for one will relish the simple pleasures……