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The Nikon D500 is almost here

The Nikon D500 is almost here.

Tension is building in the Nikon D500 camp with the imminent arrival of the new Nikon DX flagship camera.

American orientated websites are speculating delivery this weekend. Nikon Japan lists the release date for the end of the month. I am getting excited and I haven’t even ordered one! As much as I would love to have one, I really couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on a camera. It’s currently advertised at just over £1700, body only, here in the UK.

To all of those people expecting the arrival of their D500, may you enjoy every moment. From answering the door to the delivery man (or the shop collection), to opening the box and lovingly caressing your new camera.

Not being one for test charts and ‘bench’ tests, I look forward to reading what real users think.

Most of all remember why you bought it…….go out and create great pictures with it!

Nikon D500

Well looks like Nikon may have finally silenced the ‘Wheres my D400’ crew with the reported release of the D500. An apparent D5/D500 double bringing back the nostalgia of the D3/D300 double release. Will the D500 become the new D300? Nikon and quite a few of their users may hope so.

Heres hoping this lives up to peoples expectations. Will be interesting to see if we get any ‘I’m jumping back to Nikon’ publicity on this, maybe even dedicated D500 user websites could spring up.

If Nikon provide a couple of nice DX wide angle primes that would be the icing on the cake for many.

Perhaps Nikon has been quiet for a reason and may have a couple more surprises in their camera bag.

Should anyone from Nikon be reading this…….

Any chance of a review model??

(No harm in asking).