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Nikon D3400 launch

Nikon launch their latest entry level D3400.

The Nikon D3400 launch appears to be another so-so iteration of their entry level DSLR. This consumer range should be the bread and butter of Nikon. The volume they sell here allows the more advanced cameras to be researched and brought to market.

Nikon launch the D3400. So in a crowded market segment why would you actually take away an useful feature? In their wisdom Nikon removed the sensor cleaning feature. A function I would have loved on  my D200. I really don’t see the merit of removing this on any modern camera that has interchangeable lenses. In fact I don’t think I would buy a camera without this feature now.

The only useful pluses I see at the moment is improved battery life and a one stop increase in maximum ISO ability.  I have to wonder how many people using this level of camera would ever push the ISO to the max.

Time will tell how successful this Nikon D3400 will be, but the cynical amongst us might say this smacks of protecting other models in the range while trying to maximise profit at the expense of  customers. Perhaps Nikon are hoping to push people to the next model up.

Now is that the D5300 (one of the few DSLRs with Wi-Fi and GPS built in) or Is it the D5500? At today’s price that would be another £80. Doesn’t sound like much does it?  The D3400 with an AF-P kit lens is £489 compared to the D5500 with the same lens at £569 at the time of writing.

Do the sums add up?

The D3300 is £299 with the same lens.  The slightly ‘older’ model is under 300 quid. It’s replacement is nudging £500 and the next model is getting nearer £600 depending on where you buy it. These are all new prices not used.

So keeping the same lens, the 18-55mm AF-P, Nikon have managed to push their entry level model up by £190 (D3300 to D3400). That’s basically the price of a 55-200mm zoom new, or used 55-300mm with a couple of beer tokens left over.

I’ve said it before and probably will say it again: Nikon really should get a grip on its model range and have a good clear out. Nikon still show the D3200, D5200, D5300 and D7100 on their page. I’ll let them off the D3300 🙂 Nikon will be booking a page on before long.

Thankfully for those in the full frame market their FX range is more up to date.


Notes: Prices obtained from and subject to change.

Models taken from Nikons website