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What a year

What year 2020 has been. We’ve been locked down. Then released then locked down then…..reduced to tiers. Christmas day we have a ‘relaxaton’ for 24 hours, down from the orginal five days. With every chance of another lockdown in January.

Like many others our Christmas plans were thrown into turmoil. Dissapointing didn’t even cover it. Just to make sure Covid-19 appears to end the year with a mutated more transmissable variant.

Photography wise, even suffering lockdowns there was limited opportunity. Perhaps not travelling as far as we would normally, did we find a new respect for more local areas? You know, the stuff we passed every day without thinking about it. Is it now looked at differently? Not taken so much for granted?

We will take anything for granted in 2021?


The TMMA Christmas tree

The Tmma Christmas tree. Yes that is Garfield under the Angel, a TMMA household tradition.


Whatever rearranged Christmas plans you might have… heres to a merry Christmas and a better 2021…. Cheers