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Something from the hard drive #1

I’m starting a new series called ‘Something from the hard drive’. This came about from going through my images on yes, you guessed it .. my hard drive.

In this series I am picking images that may have an ‘interesting’ subject rather than be artistically ‘perfect’. You know what I mean.

So to kick off here are three images from Cardiff Bay in Wales. The first one is the corner of the Wales Millennium Centre. I thought this angle was more unusual and interesting than a straight head on shot.

This is inside the Senedd, the Welsh assembly building. The curves and lines of the roof appealed to me.

This is view looking through the transparent walls of the Senedd across part of Cardiff Bay, towards the voco ST David’s, Cardiff, the building with the curved roof. It is actually a five star hotel and no we haven’t had the pleasure of staying there.

You can easily spend a day wandering around Cardiff Bay. There are plenty of interesting subjects for the photographer and a variety of establishments for eating and drinking.