Huawei P8

I can’t say I’m really familiar with Huawei as a smartphone producer, but apparently their new P8 smartphone is being touted has having a DSLR like quality camera. The company are even promoting it as ‘professional’. For most people their smartphones already have a good enough camera. Can the Huawei P8 bring anything new to …

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Bodies too cheap or too many?

Are bodies too cheap (relatively speaking) or are there just too many? Thirty years ago the big four camera makers, as they were then – Minolta, Canon, Olympus and Pentax – essentially had four distinctive models at four different price points in their ranges. The starter, intermediate, enthusiast and advanced models in the range. Whatever …

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Photographic Christmas

I wrote in a post last year about having another non photographic Christmas and whether I would make two in a row. Well I made it! It wasn’t that hard really. My NEED it list was empty. The ‘would like it’ list is… Well that’s a work in progress. Even if I had the money …

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