Black Friday

Black Friday 2018

It’s Black Friday 2018. Every year it seems to get more underwhelming. In fact if you squint you might even miss it this year. Normally the bargains are thrust upon us. In 2018 it seems you almost have to go looking for them. Im not saying that’s a bad thing though. Perhaps it’s finally dawning …

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Black Friday – again

Another Black Friday is almost upon us. Although this year you might be forgiven for thinking it’s Black Friday Week. Retailers appear to be extending the awful annual American import to cover more than just a Friday. We haven’t even got to Cyber Monday yet. The advice this year – shop around – look at …

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Price Rises

Back in July I wrote a short post about price rises on photographic gear. The general consensus was prices would increase due to Brexit. Well prices have gone up but I’m not sure it’s due to Brexit. Why? Because the UK hasn’t actually left the EU yet, therefore Brexit hasn’t happened. What has happened is …

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