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Black Friday 2018

It’s Black Friday 2018. Every year it seems to get more underwhelming. In fact if you squint you might even miss it this year.

Normally the bargains are thrust upon us. In 2018 it seems you almost have to go looking for them.

Im not saying that’s a bad thing though. Perhaps it’s finally dawning on people that the so called reductions may not, in fact, be that good after all. Shock. Horror.

In the UK we still have austerity. Despite the government trying to tell us different. I’ve not come across many people who would say their ‘feel good’ factor is any better than it was a year ago.

We are also on the verge of the great Brexit deal. How great that deal is  will be open to question and probably be debated on ad nauseoum for a lot longer than anyone wants. Either way the uncertainty isn’t helping consumer confidence.

My opinion on Brexit is the country voted for it. Get on with it. We live in a democracy the people had their say. Someone is always going to be upset it didn’t go their way. In that case do we do the best of two out of three? Three out of five? Where do you stop?

Ok, let’s keep it photographic 🙂

If your up for some new gear I hope you get lucky with Black Friday or maybe even Cyber Monday.

On a personal note the only thing I’m up for at the moment is some spare batteries. I don’t actually NEED anything else.

I don’t know if I should think myself fortunate or a bit sad…

I’m going with fortunate 😀

Black Friday – again

Another Black Friday is almost upon us. Although this year you might be forgiven for thinking it’s Black Friday Week.

Retailers appear to be extending the awful annual American import to cover more than just a Friday. We haven’t even got to Cyber Monday yet.

The advice this year – shop around – look at the prices not the savings. We could say that every year. While the official retailers line is “We don’t put the prices up to reduce them” you do have to be careful when bargain hunting.

If our local Currys is anything to go by people were not only out looking but also buying.

Some research appearing in a BBC news article suggests that savings could be had all year round if you keep an eye on prices.

Don’t get caught up in the frenzy.

If your after a bargain may the shopping Gods look upon  you favourably 😀


Price Rises

Back in July I wrote a short post about price rises on photographic gear. The general consensus was prices would increase due to Brexit.

Well prices have gone up but I’m not sure it’s due to Brexit. Why? Because the UK hasn’t actually left the EU yet, therefore Brexit hasn’t happened.

What has happened is a lot of turbulence on the exchange rate of the GBP v other currencies. Unfortunately this did indeed result in price rises and not just on what we use for our hobby / living.  A quick search on will show some even modest lenses going up by £100 or so over the last year. Bodies by £60 on consumer level DSLRs. Most of that in the last few months. Used prices are sneaking up slowly as well.

Is this a rouse for Black Friday?

Some might say manufacturers could have been nudging prices up to make Black Friday deals look even better. Pre Black Friday offers (it didn’t stay on one day for long did it?) don’t really inspire me with the idea that deals will be that good. It seems the Brits adoption of the American one day sale is more of an excuse to offload slow moving stock.

Sure there will be a couple of loss leader deals but I think the majority won’t be the bargains we are hoping for.

At this time of year those fighting GAS have to be especially cautious. The thought of saving a few quid on that body or lens  can quickly overcome the more logical side of the brain.

If you have been waiting patiently for a deal just make sure it is geniune.

Good hunting.