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Photography devalued….Again

Devalued or changing?

Apparently Brooklyn Beckham (yes the son of the famous Beckhams), has been accused of devaluing photography by shooting for Burberry.

As with every story there are two sides. On the one a professional photographer is quite annoyed that this young upstart Brooklyn should have the audacity to shoot for Burberry.

The other is Burberry asked Brooklyn to shoot for them not least because he has the best part of 6 million instagram followers.

The value here, it would seem, is in the shooter having 6 million followers. If the aggrieved photographer had 7 million followers would they have chosen Brooklyn?

So was the shoot devalued or has the value changed?

One thing is for sure, there was some free exposure out of all this.

As for the person who thought of getting Brooklyn to do the shoot…..I hope they got a bonus for their creative thinking.