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Sea abstract

A trio of sea abstracts taken on a sunny but windy day.

After having an early lunch we decided on a bracing walk along along the beach. Considering the conditions there were quite a few people about.

I thought I would try some long exposure abstract shots for two reasons. 1. I don’t normally do long exposures. 2. I don’t normally do abstract 😀

My favourite shot of the day has to be the second one. Head on seems to work better than the first shot at an angle.

These shots were literally spur of the moment, my first experience using the long exposure option on my smartphone at the beach.

I think I will use this feature more in due course. The potential to explore long exposure photography without lugging a tripod around is appealing.

This short outing also got me thinking about doing some abstract photography, a genre I’d previously not really thought about.

Added to the eyes down album

After catching up with my son I’ve added to the eyes down album.

Like a lot of parents and carers contact has been sporadic at best and none existent at worst over the course of the pandemic.

We managed a short outing to a nearby beach before the rain came in. Here are a couple of examples:

The rest can be found in the Eyes Down album here .

I hope that whoever you’ve missed  in your family, your managing to meet more often now things are relaxing a bit.

Blast Beach Seaham

Blast Beach, Seaham

A recent opportunity led to me exploring Blast Beach in Seaham, County Durham.

The beach was once so polluted from local mining operations that it featured as a desolate landscape in the sci-fi film Aliens 3. After a monumental clean up it can now be enjoyed as a ‘proper’ beach again.

Blast beach

Blast Beach 1

The nearby free parking leads across the top of the cliff and down a very steep and sometimes slippery path (the dip in the cliff face, photo above) The access I’ve found so far is only suitable for the able bodied.

A wander along the shore line can reveal some interesting items:

Londonderry brick

Londonderry brick

This well eroded brick still clearly shows its place of origin. You can only speculate as to how this turned up on the North East Coast of England.

Blast Beach layers


The above photo shows remnants of the deposits on the beach in different coloured layers.

Blast Beach


There could be some interesting opportunities for long exposure photography but it will require some return trips. And not leaving the tripod in the car.

A short walk (and even shorter drive) will find you in Seaham. There is a harbour and lovely Promenade with numerous places to stop and have a coffee or meal. Even better when we don’t have to worry about the dreaded C word. I’ll do a separate post on Seaham in the new year.

Being on the North East coast at this time of year (actually anytime of year) I would advise appropriate clothing.

There can be a quite bracing wind 🙂

Actually managed to get out

Actually managed to get out ….. for the first time in a while.

Due to the easing of Covid related restrictions we drove down to the beach and had some nice sea front exercise.

Despite pictures in the UK press, everybody was sensible and observed social distancing. They also appeared to be enjoying the weather and opportunity.

Fortunately we went out relatively early. It looked like it was going to get really busy.

Just being out really lifted our spirits. We are looking forward to being able to do this more often. It seems like Covid has dominated the first half of this year.

Lets try and make the most of what’s left in what promises to be a different normal.