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Don’t forget a backup. You just might need it.

Backup. Don’t forget a backup. We’ve all heard it. Many times. Backup memory cards, batteries, bodies. When you get home backup your images. At least once.

But how often do we heed the advice. I nearly always carry spare cards and batteries but a body? Generally unless I’m on a client shoot I don’t always have a spare body. I know what you are going to say next. Why not? Because when it’s just me out and about I often travel light and leave the spare at home. After all if your up the side of  a mountain and the spare is in the car is there any point in having it? And no, I’m not carry two bodies up a mountain, just in case.

Unfortunately on a recent shoot for a client I did require a spare. The body I was using started acting up. Don’t know why. After a couple of dodgy shutter actuations and no response on the rear screen I wasn’t sure if the camera was actually recording images. So I turned to the spare. Grateful that I had one and brought it with me.

After so many times of not needing a backup…..I needed one. Backups are like insurance policies. It only gets interesting 20 seconds after you need it 🙂

So I will continue carrying backup bodies, batteries, cards and everything else I think I might need for a client.

For my personal use, out on a hike?  My phone will make do for that.