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TMMA Photography 2017 awards

Here it is folks the TMMA Photography  2017 awards:

Best out of date DSLR with gps and WiFi built in – Nikon D5300

Entry level DSLR without sensor cleaner – Nikon D3400

Divorce inducing full frame DSLR that I don’t need – Nikon D850

Divorce inducing full frame mirrorless that I don’t need- Sony A7riii

The filter system I could buy (but given my budget I’d probably buy a lens instead) – Lee filters

Best APS-C mirrorless system that would put me in the price range of full frame DSLR – Fuji XT2

A medium format digital camera that isn’t really medium format – Fuji GFX 50s

Most messed up design and marketing of a mirrorless system (and we still don’t know what’s going on) – Nikon 1

Most expensive Canon lens that I don’t need, couldn’t afford and probably wouldn’t carry around with me even if I had it – Canon-EF-800mm-f5.6-L-IS-USM-Lens

The camera brand most photographers are probably jealous of because they don’t have the money for all the lenses and bodies they’d want – Leica

The photo location I think I’d want to go to but would probably end up somewhere else – Iceland

Really bizarre hope you got a smile out of it award list 2017 – TMMA Photography

Award for not spreading one page worth of awards over more pages than necessary – TMMA Photography 🙂