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Free IR remote app

After my last post about price rises I thought I would add some balance by letting you know about a free IR remote app.

If you have a Nikon camera and an Android phone there is a great app in the Play Store called niR. If your phone has IR capability you might be in luck. This app allows you to take a picture with a Nikon camera using your phone in place of the ML-L3 remote control.

When I’m at home I invariably leave the remote upstairs when using the camera downstairs. This app saves me hunting around and let’s me carry on shooting.  It can also be quite handy when your out and about. Just after you realise that you left the ML-L3 in the car or worse, at home.

Worth a try?

Now I don’t have the luxury of being able to try this out on 20 different phone / camera combinations. However the app doesn’t require any special permissions. For the sake of a download you could have an IR remote.

Or a spare.