Symonds Yat

Out for a drive on a dull day and ended up at Symonds Yat in Gloucestershire, England.

Now it has been some years since visiting here and I seem to remember it was more uneven back then. Today there are smooth paths to take you to a small ‘refreshment hut’ just down from the major viewpoint.

An elevated wooden bridge across the road leads to the main viewing area. There are some uneven surfaces off the path and on the lower viewpoint. These are quite slippery when wet and despite being careful I had a near miss resulting in a nice woman getting ready to catch me (thank you). I recovered my balance on my own fortunately, but it is nice to know help was there if needed. Perhaps I’m showing my age more than I thought 🙂

Symonds Yat Rock is some 120 metres above the river and affords some opportunities for the bird photographers amongst you as evidenced by these two gents with their huge lenses set up on tripods. The guy in the middle had a ‘slightly’ shorter zoom lens attached to his camera.


For those of us who don’t want to carry such equipment, something with a wider angle will result in some nice shots over the Wye Gorge.

Bear in mind this was an overcast day, so not the best conditions photographically speaking.

There is a circular walk that takes you up the left hand side of the river in this picture crossing on a ferry and walking    down the right hand side before using a footbridge to cross again.

Apparently the suggested time this would take is in the region of 2.1/2 hours covering a distance of about three miles. I have only read this information and have not explored this route myself, so cannot testify to it’s accuracy.


Returning back down the wooden walkway and bridge and there is a view across Symonds Yat East.

There are also some benches here to sit and enjoy the view.

While taking a picture of my wife and son, another lady offered (thank you) to take a photograph of the three of us. We now have a rare shot with me in it!

This did make me realise that whenever we go out as a family generally only three quarters of us ever end up in one photograph.


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