So January was full

So January was full in more ways than one. My oldest relocated (twice – long story) and started a new job. This required a bit of input in terms of moving and van driving. Fortunately he also had a great bunch of friends helping him out with temporary lodgings and furniture humping. I think in future our contribution will be helping to pay a removal firm 🙂

With other things going on in the TMMA household there wasn’t a lot of opportunities for photography and to be honest I wasn’t really ‘feeling it’ in terms of image making.

I did manage to have a walk and grab a couple of shots at the local reservoir.

I’ve taken similar shots to this before but with a lot less water – these  were the levels in May. Get the title now?

Here’s another couple:

This is the first time I’ve actually seen water on this overflow outlet. Apologies if that’s not what it’s called.

Anyway it was a great walk and a welcome distraction. Even though I’d describe the temperature as ‘fresh’ it was sunny.

Other walkers I met that day also agreed it was a nice day to get out…..


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