Sleeping giants awake

Sleeping giants awake – what?

The slightly cryptic title refers to Canon and Nikon. Both eventually realising that they have to enter the mirrorless market in a more serious way.

Both taking their time. Perhaps for fear of committing an act of cannibalism on their DSLR lines. Trouble is if they don’t do it someone else will. Arguably others have. Sony and Fuji have been nibbling away for a while now. I can’t help but think that as a result Olympus and Panasonic must of got some scraps too.

It is surprising the giants have taken so long to react. Sleeping seems to be their thing these days. Was it arrogance,  neglect or sheer stupidity? A combination of all three? Did they not even perceive a threat? The alarm bells should have gone off when it was clear Fuji were gaining popularity.

According to recently reported interviews with Canon executives though, it appears they were too interested in trying to milk current customers with limited differences between models. And only putting in features they thought they had too, rather than providing a better value proposition.

Similar to Nikon eh ? (Sorry Canadian family influence there 😀).

Canon and Nikon are hopefully now going to react and come out with some mirrorless models that will give the camera buying public even more choice.

It would be nice to talk about what is included in these new models rather than what has been left out.

A few questions will remain, not least the issue of lens mount. Current rumours suggest Canon may go the way of a new mount with an adapter for their EF lenses. Again sounds familiar to the discussions around Nikon and their mount dilemma.

So when  these two sleeping giants come out of their slumber, make sure your awake. We might just get something to create a bit of buzz.

Lord knows Canon, Nikon and the industry in general could do with some mainstream excitement.



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