Resolution time…..or not

Resolution time ….or not.

Many people make New Year resolutions. As I have posted before…. I dont.

You can commit yourself to anything you want….anytime you want. It doesn’t have to be New Year. Most resolutions probably dont make it to the end of January anyway.

As a photographer should I commit to anything?

Well that’s entirely up to you! Don’t do it because you read it somewhere. Do it because you want too.

I’ve tried various projects. Picture a month, picture a week and a 365 project, attempting to take a picture a day for a year. In my experience the picture a week proved challenging. I found myself on certain weeks just taking a picture of anything. Yep, it ticked the box but wasn’t particularly creative. That was when I realised a 365 project would be a chore for me. I would put myself under pressure to take photos, at the expense of creativity. Lets face it most us have enough going on in our lives without adding unnecessary complications.

Your mileage may vary, as they say.

What about some new kit in the new year?

Nothing wrong with something new and shiny, right? Well, yes and no. If your kit is missing something you will find useful and will add value to your photography then go for it. If that new bit of gear is satisfying your GAS then maybe think twice.

Well this is getting boring!!

I’m not saying don’t do anything or don’t buy anything. I’m suggesting you think about it first. Pick a project that you will be interested in and develop your creative side.

Instead of buying kit would your photography benefit more from a workshop? If workshops aren’t your thing how about using the money to go travelling? You could even take the other half 🙂

Why not downgrade?

Instead of using something more complicated try going the other way. Downgrade. Say what now? How about using that old DSLR or that point and shoot lurking in the back of the unofficial gear cupboard.

Free yourself from choosing exposure and autofocus settings and use your smartphone for a month or two. Chances are you don’t even know what your smartphone camera is capable of.


Make a list.

OK this one is basically free. My wife loves lists. Any chance for a list and she will make one. Sometimes even lists of lists. See where this is going? This habit (good or bad depending on your opinion) has rubbed off on me.

When i’m out and about I will make notes of potential locations if i’m somewhere and the light / weather / time of day isn’t right.  Did I mention here in Wales it can be overcast and rains a lot? We also get some glorious sunsets now and again 🙂

Whatever and however you decide to take your images have a fun photographic 2017.

Happy New Year.


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