Recent trip to Albert Dock, Liverpool

We recently had the good fortune to be able to visit Liverpool, England. It’s not somewhere I’ve been before, I tend to avoid big cities because I’m not that keen on large crowds of people or busy places.

So why go there in the first place? It was a weekend out to see Michael McIntyres’ world tour show at the Arena. The show was actually quite good and we managed to book a hotel literally a stones through away.

Echo Wheel, Liverpool

Echo Wheel, Liverpool, with the Arena just visible on the right.

In the morning (after the compulsory full English breakfast) we had a wander around part of Albert Dock. It wasn’t a photo tour so rather than incur the wrath of the wife I grabbed a couple of quick shots as we walked round.


Albert Dock with the Echo wheel in the backgound

Albert Dock with the Echo wheel in the background. Nikon V1.

The above shot really pushed my little Nikon 1 V1 sensor to the limit. There is detail in the shadows under the arches, while just about retaining the highlights in the cloudy sky. This was really more of a record shot, but I’m surprised how well it came out considering the 1″ sensor.


Albert Dock, Liverpool

Albert Dock, Liverpool


Another record shot again pushing the sensor on the V1.

Not quite sure what this building is (maybe the Open Gallery?), kinda liked the reflection.

Around Albert Dock there were some interesting styles of architecture, the old mixing with the new. The clock tower on the right is part of the the Royal Liver building.

The Nikon V1 is great for slipping in a pocket when you don’t want to carry larger kit around.  When my V1 finally gives up I might have to move to m43, that then brings up the issue of whether to run two different formats. A story for another day I think.

In terms of visiting Liverpool, I think we will be returning at some stage.


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