Pluto pictures

There are some great images of Pluto appearing from the New Horizons probe, with more to come.

It takes over four hours to transmit data from the probe back to Earth.

What we need to remember is the technology producing and sending these images and data is nine and a half years old and has travelled over 3 billion miles across space, to the outer edges of our Solar System. An amazing journey through inhospitable conditions. The fact that the team still has control over the probe is quite an achievement let alone the ability to send images back.

The probe was launched in January 2006. A couple of months after Nikon released the D200 in photographic terms – knocking on a bit ( I still love using my D200 🙂 )

And as photographers we worry about upgrading to the newest model as soon as it comes out….kinda puts things in perspective……. doesn’t it?

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