Photography doom and gloom to end the year

Photography can be so negative….

and yes it does apply in the digital age, more than ever.

OK sorry about that 🙂 but there does appear to be a certain amount of doom and gloom around at this time of year.

Sales figures for camera manufacturers seem  to be going down faster than a sled on a snow covered slope. Meanwhile price increases have been announced for Europe by Nikon. These reportedly come into effect in February 2017. It is not exactly clear how this will impact the UK. In my last post I mentioned how prices have increased already. Pre-owned (or used if your old school) prices have been gradually going up.

It will be interesting to see how the festive season pans out in terms of camera sales. Will people get in before the rises or will they hold out and sleep off the turkey and mince pies?

When Santa comes down our chimney (actually we don’t have one – discuss) he wont be burdened with gear or accessories for the Cymru Captures household. My amount of spending is now smaller than a half eaten cocktail sausage. Why? Because there isn’t just anything compelling enough for me to spend my beer tokens [or insert your chosen sin here] on. Would I like a constant wide aperture zoom to replace my kit lens? Well it would be nice to gain a couple of stops at the 50mm end. Do I NEED to spend the few hundred quid it will cost for a two stop advantage? No not really. For now I can live with it.

Is that the problem?

For the most part most of us will probably be like the Christmas dinner table. More than enough to be going on with. Our camera bodies do what most of us require most of the time. The range of lenses available cover most needs. Anyway we don’t want to carry enough gear with us every time we go out to embarrass the reindeer and that chap in red. Do we?

Perhaps something compelling will come along next year perhaps not. When I bought my Nikon V1 I didn’t think a smartphone would overtake it in a couple of years. My LG G4 has limited zoom, you can’t change the lenses and it has trouble with highlights sometimes. On the other hand I always have it with me and where there is good average light and contrast it can deliver quite acceptable results. Although small the V1 is still larger than a smartphone.

Will the smartphones take the lead?

Will 2017 be the year the smartphones take the lead? If phone manufacturers continue to innovate, maybe. We will have to wait and see if they have hit a plateau in terms of meaningful additions to their equipment. Eventually though they will have the same problem – what can be added that is meaningful and increases value the to the user? Unlike some camera manufacturers who seem to be doing a Toblerone and  think less is more. I’m not convinced taking features away is a good marketing strategy.

The next couple of years could be interesting in terms of where manufacturers and equipment are heading. I don’t think it will be Jingle Bells all the way, but I don’t want it to be a Silent Night either.

Will it be a Toblerone or will it get juicy again, like that three bird roast and all the trimmings?

Chances are my caring activities will prioritise my time in the run up to Christmas, so this maybe the last post of the year.

In which case:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Cymru Captures.

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