Photography and minimalism

I don’t know why but recently I am reading a lot about minimalism.

There appears to be a multitude of ways on how to go about living with less. Some say get rid of everything except the essential and most precious items. You could even consider downsizing your house. Because it’s almost empty now, right?  🙂

Others live by the ‘ if I haven’t used it in a year do I need it ?’ philosophy. Some might go along the 33 items in a wardrobe route.  The more I read the more I relate to, at the very least cutting out consumerism and waste.

I am moving more to the idea of conscious consumerism. Really thinking about whether I need something or want it. A more thoughtful route to making a purchase, not just doing research on the product. Truth be told I’ve worked along these lines in terms of my photographic gear for a while now. It just hasn’t been ‘labelled’.

The smartphone - Ultimate minimalism for a camera setup ?

The smartphone – Ultimate minimalism for a camera setup ?

Marketing departments are always trying to get us to buy the latest and greatest. To be fair western society is essentially based on consumerism. Just take a look at the fashion industry. ‘That’s soooo last week darrrling’. Mobile phones is another one that comes to mind. Although I think you could lump them in with fashion to a certain extent.

So for a variety of reasons I’m applying a minimalist approach to my photography gear. What I have now I could call a minimal kit. It also means I don’t have gear anxiety when I go anywhere. Should I have brought that lens or this etc, as it can all fit in one bag. To go ‘really minimal’ you could also look at a fixed lens camera or even a smartphone. On occasions I just use my smartphone and it can be quite liberating. Especially when out with the other half.

Like a lot of things in life – politics, religion, jobs, lifestyle – what is right for one person isn’t right for another. But we are fortunate that generally we have a choice.

Some may not like the idea of minimalism at all, some may embrace it with a vengeance.

Who knows perhaps my minimal approach to photography might manifest itself into other aspects of my life.


(For further reading on minimalism you could try as a starting point).


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