Having a photographic cull.

Having a photographic cull

Every so often I go through my ‘old’ photo folders just to see what’s in them. We use to call it looking through the photo album. Somehow it is not the same using a keyboard and monitor, no weight of the album on your lap, no tactile feeling as your turn the pages. No running yours finger over the photos and pointing to someone or something. Although on the plus side digital images don’t take up so much space.

So flicking through the images in Lightroom I realised how some were so similar. I had several shots with very little difference between them. With digital it is easy to do. You just need to keep your finger on the shutter release a little longer than planned and you have sequence with, in some cases, no photographic difference between the first and last shot. Now I know for some photographers more Frames Per Second is better. For most of us though we end up with more of the same. So I set to work having a photographic cull and removed the offending images.

I noticed that on the whole I was quite happy with most of the shots. Some, however were a bit more … meh, more ‘what was I thinking?’

And that’s the rub. We can take far more pictures with little cost. I don’t tend to ‘machine gun’ in my photography. One of the pleasures is actually slowing down looking at the scene and thinking about what you are trying to accomplish. Even so, it brings me back to those what was I thinking moments.

Sometimes our eyes see a scene and as photographers, we think, yep, there’s something there.

Other times our minds play cruel tricks and fool us into thinking we have a masterpiece (or maybe something half decent) when we haven’t.

With digital we have an ‘opportunity’ to save a shot. Every now and again though, no matter how much we move those sliders adjusting contrast, exposure, saturation, sharpening…… well you just can’t do anything and it’s kinder to hit the delete key.


May you have more keepers than deleters on your photographic journey 🙂


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