It’s not just Nikon

Apparently it’s not just Nikon that gets flack for incremental upgrades to their bodies.

Canon appear to have incurred the wrath of their followers too. If you believe comments posted about the new Canon 6D markII. They seem to be very similar to the negative posts Nikon receive.

It doesn’t matter what camera in the range gets an update. The incremental rather than ground breaking mantra rears it’s head. Together with “we waited this long….for this”.

It really makes you wonder what people are expecting. Camera sales are falling, profits are being squeezed, yet some expect generational rather than incremental upgrades.

Prices are still rising though. A quick look at will show that camera and lens prices have increased quite steeply in the last 12 months. At least here in the UK.

So have we become too demanding  or are we justified in expecting more for less with every new release?

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